Make directory bookmarks and jump to them, even relative to environment variables.
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Jump Jump!

How often do you find yourself typing the same cd commands to the same directories over and over?

This tool lets you save bookmarks for your frequently-used directories, and jump quickly back to them - even if they were defined relative to an environment variable.

Recommended use:

alias jj='cd $('   # choose a path to jump to
alias jjk=' k'      # store the current path

If you're on Cygwin, use this jj alias instead:

alias jj='cd $(cygpath -w -m $('

It remembers the most recent 16 paths stored.

Simple, but with a nifty twist:

Suppose you have an (exported) variable FOO=/path/to, and you're in /path/to/your/directory. Sometimes, you might want to save the literal path, but perhaps other times you're actually interested in $FOO/your/directory - so that later, when $FOO is different, the bookmark refers to the current $FOO.

Jump Jump is smart:

~/foo/bar/baz $ export AAA=$HOME/foo
~/foo/bar/baz $ export BBB=$HOME/foo/bar
~/foo/bar/baz $ jjk
a) /home/dmd/foo/bar/baz
b) $BBB/baz
c) $AAA/bar/baz

Note that it gave me several choices; the literal path, and two paths based on environment variables it found (in decreasing greediness).

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