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Classic asp Class that adds FireBug/FirePHP console debugging. Outputs user generated strings, arrays, json objects as well as the built in session, application, server, POST and GET collections. Ideal for AJAX debugging.
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Install Firebug and FirePHP before running and check firebug console for output

By David Meagor - 2012 (

We use this for internal testing since clasic ASP's one debugging is so terrible.
It's particularly useful for catching errors and problems with AJAX/JSON requests
where outputting to the browser will break the JSON format.

released under MIT license (

requires json.asp ( )

inspired by FireASP by Jonathan Dalrymple's Fire ASP script

Updated 09/01/2012 V 1.2

Global methods for public class function.

log_table function for 2D array logging.

Updated 09/01/2012 V1.1

All ASP system collections are now grouped (collapsed by default) so they only
take up one line on the console.


Group log entries functions
log_group_start( label, collapsed )

log_type( logtype,label, obj )
logtype = "INFO", "ERROR", "LOG" or "WARN" for different colours/icons.
label = add label to the variable/object you are about to output on the same line.
obj = array, string, json object

Initial release: Dec 2011 V1

Use log "some text" to output to the console
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