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Bad Wolf for X11 resources

Colors for your .Xresources (or .Xdefaults, or whatever you have).

Basically these were made for rxvt, but they should work for other stuff, like xterm or something.

The colors are based (pertly snatched, really) on badwolf, a color scheme for Vim pieced together by Steve Losh.


As is original work by Steve, this thing is MIT/X11 licensed. Why would I want to relicense it? I dunno.


  • git clone git://github.com/dmedvinsky/badwolf.xdefaults.git

  • ln -s badwolf.xdefaults/xdefaults.colors ~/.Xdefaults.colors

  • vim ~/.Xdefaults

    Add the following line somewhere (change username to your login):

     # include "/home/username/.Xdefaults.colors"

    Sadly, I don't know the way to use variables in the #include directive. If you know, tell me please!

  • xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

If for some reason your resourses aren't loaded after starting X11, check if you have the following line in your ~/.xinitrc:

xrdb -merge "${HOME}/.Xdefaults"