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Convert aliases to functions

Thanks Steve Losh for pointing out that aliases are the reason for fish
startup sluggishness.
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@@ -117,70 +117,50 @@ function fish_prompt
# }}}
-# Aliases {{{
+# Functions {{{
# Fish config editing
-alias ef 'vim ~/.config/fish/'
-alias rf '. ~/.config/fish/'
+function ef; vim ~/.config/fish/; end
+function rf; . ~/.config/fish/; end
# Directories traversal
-alias .. 'cd ..'
-alias ... 'cd ../..'
-alias .... 'cd ../../..'
-alias cd.. 'cd ..'
-alias md 'mkdir -p'
+function ..; cd ..; end
+function ...; cd ../..; end
+function ....; cd ../../..; end
+function cd..; cd ..; end
+function md; mkdir -p $argv; end
# Directories listing
if which tree >/dev/null ^/dev/null
- alias l1 'tree --dirsfirst -ChFL 1'
- alias l2 'tree --dirsfirst -ChFL 2'
- alias l3 'tree --dirsfirst -ChFL 3'
- alias ll1 'tree --dirsfirst -ChFupDaL 1'
- alias ll2 'tree --dirsfirst -ChFupDaL 2'
- alias ll3 'tree --dirsfirst -ChFupDaL 3'
- alias l 'l1'
- alias ll 'll1'
+ function l1; tree --dirsfirst -ChFL 1 $argv; end
+ function l2; tree --dirsfirst -ChFL 2 $argv; end
+ function l3; tree --dirsfirst -ChFL 3 $argv; end
+ function ll1; tree --dirsfirst -ChFupDaL 1 $argv; end
+ function ll2; tree --dirsfirst -ChFupDaL 2 $argv; end
+ function ll3; tree --dirsfirst -ChFupDaL 3 $argv; end
+ function l; l1 $argv; end
+ function ll; ll1 $argv; end
- alias ls 'ls -F'
- alias ll 'ls -lh'
- alias la 'll -a'
- alias l 'll'
-# Arch Linux daemons
-if which rc.d >/dev/null ^/dev/null
- alias start 'sudo rc.d start'
- alias stop 'sudo rc.d stop'
- alias restart 'sudo rc.d restart'
+ function ls; ls -F $argv; end
+ function ll; ls -lh $argv; end
+ function la; ll -a $argv; end
+ function l; ll $argv; end
# Git
-alias g 'git'
-alias gs 'git status'
-alias gd 'git diff'
-alias ga 'git add'
-alias go 'git checkout'
-alias gc 'git commit -v'
-alias gca 'git commit -v --amend'
-alias gp 'git pull'
-alias gpr 'git pull --rebase'
-alias gb 'git branch'
-alias ga. 'git add .'
-alias gba 'git branch -a'
-alias gri 'git rebase --interactive'
-# Pretty JSON
-alias ppjs 'python -m json.tool'
-alias ppjsl 'python -m json.tool | less'
-# }}}
-# Key bindings {{{
-function fish_user_key_bindings
- bind \ck accept-autosuggestion
-# }}}
+function g; git $argv; end
+function gs; git status $argv; end
+function gd; git diff $argv; end
+function ga; git add $argv; end
+function go; git checkout $argv; end
+function gc; git commit -v $argv; end
+function gca; git commit -v --amend $argv; end
+function gp; git pull $argv; end
+function gpr; git pull --rebase $argv; end
+function gb; git branch $argv; end
+function ga.; git add . $argv; end
+function gba; git branch -a $argv; end
+function gri; git rebase --interactive $argv; end
-# Functions {{{
function venv
# Activates Python virtualenv for current project.
# Supports reading .env.
@@ -213,6 +193,12 @@ function venv
# }}}
+# Key bindings {{{
+function fish_user_key_bindings
+ # bind \ck accept-autosuggestion
+# }}}
# Local Settings
if test -s $HOME/.local/
source $HOME/.local/

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