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Simple viewer for ics in mutt
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Mutt ICS

Ever received a meeting notification in an email? Ever wanted to have a quick glance at that .ics file and know what is that meeting about, where is it going to happen and who is participating?

I did. So I made this little script.


The package is on PyPI so it is pip-installable, but I recommend using PIP Script Installer (pipsi).

After installing with

pipsi install mutt_ics

and making sure the mutt-ics executable is in your path, you should configure mutt to use it to render ICS files. To do that, complete the following steps:

  1. Add the following lines to your .mailcap file:

     text/calendar; mutt-ics; copiousoutput
     application/ics; mutt-ics; copiousoutput 
  2. Add the following line to your .muttrc file:

     auto_view text/calendar application/ics

You're done. I guess. Maybe I forgot something. Please, file a ticket if I did.

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