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Kinematic and static rupture forward modeling and inversion code
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MudPy v.1.0
Diego Melgar
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Oregon

A code to run forward models of dislocation sources as well as invert for them 
with multiple geophysical data types:

** Data types that MudPy can simulate and invert:
	+ Displacement seismograms
	+ Velocity seismograms
	+ Static field vectors
	+ Tsunami waveforms 
	+ InSAR line of sight offsets

** MudPy can do:

FORWARD MODELING of static point source
FORWARD MODELING of static slip distributions
FORWARD MODELING of kinematic point sources
FORWARD MODELING of kinematic slip distributions

INVERSION of a static point source
INVERSION of static slip distributions
INVERSION of kinematic point sources
INVERSION of kinematic slip distributions


There are simple examples on the wiki but unfortunately not a whole lot of documentation since I'm still working on this although the 
code is thoroughly commented.

Uses fk code from Zhu & Rivera (2002, GJI) for Green functions calculations. This 
code is bundled here but make sure to refer to the original source for updates.

Tsunami inversion relies on Geoclaw ( for caluclation of Green functions
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