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Python module for JSON data encoding, including jsonlint. See the project Wiki here on Github. Also read the README at the bottom of this page, or the project homepage at

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demjson is a Python language module for encoding, decoding, and syntax-checking JSON data.

It attempts to be as closely conforming to the JSON specification, published as IETF RFC 4627, as possible. It can also be used in a non-strict mode where it is much closer to the JavaScript/ECMAScript syntax (published as ECMA 262). The demjson module has full Unicode support and can deal with very large numbers.

It comes with a jsonlint tool which can be used to validate your JSON documents for strict conformance to the RFC specification; as it can also reformat them, either by re-indenting or removing unnecessary whitespace for minimal/canonical JSON output.

More information

Complete documentation and additional information is available on the demjson project homepage.

It is also available on the Python Package Index, and can be installed using the Python distutils easy_install command.


Versions since 1.4 or newer are LGPLv3 (GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 or greater). For older versions see the LICENSE.txt file in the source distribution.

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