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My dotfiles

You can find here the configuration for most of the tools I use.

How to use this repo

I put the code here on github because it's convenient when I want to share a snippet of config with someone else.

However, I strongly advise you to

  • not to use this repo directly on your own machine or otherwise
  • not fork it directly

Instead please prefer reading the code.

For instance:

  • I've written a "installation framework" for those file that I found clever and interesting (the conf.yml and the files) (I may be a tad biased considering the fact I wrote it myself) . Feel free to study how it works and use the same kind of techniques in your own projects.
  • For the config files themselves, the best you can do is to take each piece of configuration, try to understand what they do, and only then apply them in your own configuration files when required.