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A sizzlin' hot selector engine.
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Test: Update index.html to new QUnit format. Close gh-177.

This is needed for jquery/jquery#1061.

Aside from the usual clusterfuck of inter tangled dependencies
between the different fixtures (primarily related to the stuff
outside #qunit-fixture), this also stabilises the situation a bit
in general. So in the future they should be a lot less dependent
on each other.
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speed No more need for Expr.match.POS; minor cleanup
test Test: Update index.html to new QUnit format. Close gh-177.
.gitignore Remove accidental addition of QUnit and add it to the gitignore for t…
AUTHORS.txt Add AUTHORS.txt file.
LICENSE Update to use MIT license and proper copyright.
Makefile Update Add browser support link
grunt.js No ticket: remove unnecessary regex escapes
package.json No ticket: removed and enforce unused variable detection with JSHint.…


A pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine designed to be easily dropped in to a host library.

More information:



Browser support:

Testing Sizzle:

  • run make to pull down QUnit from github, which is the only thing the Makefile does.
  • Open test/index.html in your browser to run the tests.
  • The actual unit tests are in test/unit/selectors.js and test/unit/utilities.js.

Developing Sizzle with grunt:

  • grunt and grunt lint will lint sizzle.js and the tests.
  • grunt watch can be run to re-lint files as you change them
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