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This project is abandoned and incomplete. Pomada started as a simple web app for the pomodoro technique.

The goal of this experiment was to create a single client-side codebase that could be used to generate a Web App, a Chrome Packaged App and a Mac App (using Cordova Mac, node-webkit or App.js), while still making use of common good practices available today in traditional web frameworks (such as layouts and templates, asset combination and minification, cache busting, etc.).

It contains a demo server written in the Ruby language that uses the Sinatra microframework, and a client that executes in the browser written in CoffeeScript and structured with Backbone.js. The Middleman framework was used to optimize the client code.

The client is fully decoupled from the server. They communicate through a simple REST API. The server supports CORS requests to enable cross-domain communication.


Commands to install dependencies and run the demo server:

cd server
ruby app.rb -p 9292

Commands to build the client from source:

cd client
middleman build

For convenience, middleman offers a development server:

middleman server