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Org Manage

This is a module to help managing a large collection of org files. It is based on org-octopress by Yoshinari Nomura.


Most of us have a large number of org files floating around. The idea is that you get a simplified view of your org files in a single window (think of it as a dashboard for your org-files). For example, this is a hypothetical view created with org-manage.

13/05/29Project XResearch/home/dmg/org/
13/05/29The different licensesResearch/home/dmg/org/
13/05/29Todo Filetodo/home/dmg/org/

How it works

org-manage scans a given directory (recursively) looking for org files. For each, an entry is created. The title is extracted from the attribute #+TITLE: in the org file. The category is extracted from the first #+CATEGORY in the file (I suggest you add a default category to each file.

How to use it

Install the script org-manage.el. You can use M-x package-install-file if you use Emacs 24 or later, or you enabled package.el.

Define the location where org files are to be found. Currently it only supports one directory. You can solve this by creating symbolic links from inside this directory to the locations of other org files. There are other configuration variables (e.g. how much to recurse, files to ignore, etc–see source code file of org-manage.el).

(setq org-manage-directory-org       "~/myorgfiles")

Then simply run it using:

M-x org-manage


You need to install Masashi Sakurai’s ctable from


If you have comments, patches or suggestions, please send them to me at dmg <replacewiththattfamoussymbol>