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Main author: Denis Auroux (
The source code includes contributions by the following people:
Alvaro, Kit Barnes, Eduardo de Barros Lima, Mathieu Bouchard,
Ole Joergen Broenner, Robert Buchholz, Vincenzo Ciancia, Luca de Cicco,
Michele Codutti, Robert Gerlach, Daniel German, Dirk Gerrits,
Lukasz Kaiser, Timo Kluck, David Kolibac, Danny Kukawka, Stefan Lembach,
Bob McElrath, Andy Neitzke, David Planella, Marco Poletti, Alex Ray,
Jean-Baptiste Rouquier, Marco Souza, Mike Ter Louw, Uwe Winter, Lu Zhihe.
(Let me know if you are missing from this list or if your name is