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Run your tests with Tertestrial right within Emacs


  • Jump to line number directly from Tertestrial output
  • Hotkeys for calling Tertestrial operations
  • Support for multiple Tertestrial sessions
  • View the status of the test in the minibuffer [to be implemented]
  • Highlights failing tests in the source file [to be implemented]
  • Integration with Projectile [to be implemented]


  • Clone this repo into ~/.emacs.d/vendor (or some other directory in your load-path)
  • Include (require 'tertestrial-mode) in your init file
  • You may also want to add the following to your init file:
(defun test-file-hook ()
  (when (string-match-p "test" buffer-file-name)
(add-hook 'find-file-hook 'test-file-hook)


  • git pull in the repo directory



  • C-c C-t C-s starts tertestrial
  • C-c C-t f runs the test for the currently visited file
  • C-c C-t l runs the test at point
  • C-c C-t s runs the test for the suite at point
  • C-c C-t C-t runs the last test which tertestrial ran
  • C-c C-t c allows you to change tertestrial action sets
  • C-c C-t a toggles the autotest hook which runs the last command whenever a buffer is saved

Project Configuration

tertestrial-mode uses dir local variables to configure project settings.

  • tertestrial-root-dir sets the project root path
  • tertestrial-project-lang sets the directory language for tertestrial output parsing (for jump-to-file functionality)