A collection of helper classes and functions for WordPress plugins and themes.
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WordPress Tool Kit

A collection of classes that I use in my WordPress projects & plugins.


If you can make the code better or recommend/contribute code that would be useful to include, please let me know.


  • ConfigRegistry class - Loads plugin/theme settings from an array or JSON file.
  • Licensing class - Currently only support license code validation via the Software Licensing addon for WHMCS.
  • ObjectCache class - A wrapper for setting/fetching values from the WordPress object cache, where available.
  • PluginTools class - A class for retrieving data and performing various tasks on plugins.
  • ScriptObject class - Inject JavaScript variables or CSS into the page head or write/enqueue external files.



  • WordPress 4.7 or higher
  • PHP 7.0 or higher

Install with Composer

composer require dmhendricks/wordpress-toolkit


Please see the Documentation page.

Change Log

Release changes are be noted on the Releases page.