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Daniel Michulke


Critical Thinker, Programmer, Stoic, Father, Data Scientist, Husband, Trader, Quant, Extrovert, Lifter, Libertarian, Capoeirista

I strive to provide value by fulfilling the above roles.

I value honesty, being straight-forward, trust and taking responsability.

You can find older versions of my CV (with different focus) here

Professional Experience

A more extensive list of my previous professional experiences can be found in my CV version from January 2020

09/2021 - present, Side Project - Developing an algorithmic trading bot

Implementation of trend following strategies in crypto-currencies using Clojure

  • Implementing a HTML dashboard displaying correlations and price movements across major market indices and ETFs
  • Backtesting and live-testing (since September 2022) of several trading strategies
  • Focus on simple liquidity-giving daily or 4h trend-following strategies found on twitter in the crypto-currency community (aka "CryptoTwitter")
  • 6k LoC as of February '23

11/2018 - present, Data Scientist at the Department of Statistics at the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg

Migrating the data and team to postgres/R from MS Access/Excel

  • Put in place and administer a central database (postgres)
  • Automate data ingestion from other sources using R
  • Hiring, coaching and technically supervising team members
  • Handling data requests and statistics

02/2017 - 12/2021, Consultant, EveryAir

Develop MVP Back-End

  • Advisory with Planning & Implementing Minimum Viable Product
  • Set up database (postgres) with 30+ tables
  • Develop RESTful backend for reading/writing to DB
  • Add database bitemporality to reflect aircraft and pilot availability
  • Implement flight search algorithm, matching pilot availability, aircraft availability, airport opening hours, pilot's nearby airports, allowed airports for aircraft, pilot certificates, customer preferences, existing reservations, ...
  • Tech: Clojure, postgresql

11/2017 - present, Launched and Maintained

A light-weight and fast cryptocurrency portfolio tracking site with no cookies, little JS, ...

  • Develop front-end and back-end in Clojurescript (using react) and Clojure
  • Retrieve data from and ECB
  • Deploy on Google Compute Platform a virtual contabo server

07/2017 - 10/2018, Quantitative Analyst / Developer @

Development of Quantitative Analysis Platform

  • Advise regarding Technical Steps and Related Costs and Business Benefits, Determine Low-Hanging Fruits
  • Implement Financial Statistics (e.g., Sharpe- and Sortino Ratio, alpha/beta, covariances, p-values of asset vs. benchmark hypotheses, ...)
  • Model return distribution using kernel density estimates
  • Improve back-end performance through profiling and algorithmic improvements
  • Testing & Deployment

09/2015 - 07/2017, Consulting Algorithm Engineer @ Reliance Jio Payment Systems Ltd., India

Development of a scalable Payment System Alternative to QR Code using plain digits.

  • Design of Security Concept for guaranteeing safe and authentic payments
  • Implementation of complete system (DB, back-end)

Development of scalable Coupon System

  • Set up geo-spatial database + efficient search algorithm (using google S2 geo)
  • Set up flexible recommender system for coupons based on Mahalanobis Distance
  • Design and Implementation of API via a RESTful Webserver + DB
  • Deployment + Demo Front-End on heroku
  • Security Setup and Implementation of Security Policies
  • Tech: Information Retrieval / Recommender Systems, google S2 geo, Clojure, Clojurescript, async HTTP, Apache Lucene, postgresql, oracle 12c, heroku

06/2017 - 07/2017, Market Order Execution Probability Prediction @ German FX Brokerage Company

  • Discuss / Analyze Order Execution Problem
  • Determine required variables and request dataset
  • Develop and optimize a logistic regression algorithm to determine the most important factors for execution or rejection of a FX market order.
  • Delivery of a PDF file outlining impact of given variables for several time windows
  • Tech: Logistic Regression using incanter (Java VM based R Clone)

03/2017 - 04/2017, Customer Churn Prediction @ German Energy B2C Company

  • Discuss / Analyze Company's Business Model + Churn Problem
  • Determine required variables and request dataset
  • Develop and optimize a logistic regression algorithm to determine the most important factors
  • Delivery of a PDF outlining impact of various given and computed variables
  • Tech: Logistic Regression using incanter (Java VM based R Clone)

07/2012 - 12/2014, CTO @ Michulke & Ringsdorf Investmenttechnologies Sarl, Luxembourg

  • Development of a Time Series Forecasting System for Energy Prices (EEX Futures)
  • Automatic Data Retrieval (Bloomberg, a Weather API)
  • Time Series Preprocessing (back-adjusting, z-scoring, outlier detection)
  • Automatic Model Generation (Neural Networks, Least Squares, Decision Trees) and Automatic Back-testing
  • Automatic Optimization for self-improving models
  • Forecast Aggregation of Different Models
  • Portfolio Generation via Markowitz / Black Litterman
  • Delivery via daily eMail of an Excel Spreadsheet and Web Service
  • Dealing with most business issues (Sales, Marketing, Taxes, Unreliable Co-Founders, ...)
  • Tech: Clojure, Incanter (R clone for JVM), MongoDB, encog, Ensemble Methods, Evolutionary Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization, Multi-threading

08/2011 - 06/2012, Researcher @ Neoway Ltda., Florianopolis, Brazil

  • Set up of an on-line CAPTCHA Breaking System
  • Design and Development of Retrieval, Segmentation and Image Recognition processes
  • Implementation of a variety of Mathematical Image Transformation and Clustering Algorithms
  • Implementation of Automatic Text Classification System
  • Technologies: Java, Eclipse, Support Vector Machines, Bayesian Networks, Web crawler, Multi-threading

Academic Experience


04/2007 - 06/2012, PhD Candidate@ Dresden, University of Technology, Germany

Thesis: "Evaluation Functions in General Game Playing"

  • Development of an agent that learns automatically to play games (Chess, Checkers, Connect Four, ...) without human assistance (General Game Playing)
  • Advisor: Michael Thielscher
  • Tech: Agent Progamming, Prolog, Java, Neural Networks, Monte-Carlo methods, Game tree search algorithms, Game Theory

2001 - 2007, Diploma student @ Chemnitz, University of Technology, Germany

Studies of Applied Computer Science

  • Networks & Distributed Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Administration


People Skills

  • Critical, assertive but always respectful
  • Fast learner, open-minded
  • Small ego

IT Tools

  • Languages: 10 programming languages of all flavors (functional, object-oriented, declarative)
  • Language Focus: Clojure, Clojurescript
  • Other: Delphi, Javascript, PHP, plSQL, Java, Prolog, Visual Basic
  • Databases: postgres, oracle, MongoDB, cassandra, ...
  • Tools: bash, ssh, awk, emacs, git, Excel, Eclipse, leiningen
  • OS: Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, debian), Windows


  • German (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Luxembourgish (fluent)
  • Portuguese (fluent)
  • French (advanced)



  • Finalist for Best In Big Data Award, Germany, 2013
  • 4th in General Game Playing World Championship 2011 (PhD project)
  • German National Merit Foundation, PhD Scholarship (2007-2010)
  • German National Merit Foundation, Graduate Scholarship (2004-2007)

Publications (among others)


  • Financial Markets, Economics, Politics, Game Theory, Trading
  • Libertarian and Austrian Economics / Rights
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Languages, Traveling, Growing as a person


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