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This is OpenSource Project;
It's licensed on GPL/ LGPL public license;
It's written by Daniel (dmilith) Dettlaff since August 2oo8.
You can redistribute this project only with this header.
#ifndef _CCHARACTER_H_
#define _CCHARACTER_H_
#include <fstream>
#include <boost/archive/binary_oarchive.hpp>
#include <boost/archive/binary_iarchive.hpp>
#include "coordinates.h"
#include "item.h"
#include "soul.h"
#include "config.h"
const uint32_t MAX_HUMAN_AGE = 115;
const uint32_t MAX_ELVE_AGE = 2000;
const uint32_t MAX_DWARF_AGE = 350;
enum Eraces {
annimal = 0,
elve = 1,
human = 2,
dwarf = 3,
grizzly = 4,
cave_troll = 25
class Ccharacter {
bool dead; // is character alive?
std::string name; // character's name
Csoul* soul; // player's soul, when NULL then it's npc
Eraces race;
Citem* items[50];
Citem* private_box[250];
uint64_t gold;
uint32_t age;
int16_t luck; // luck could be negative
mind_strength, // character attributes
combat_ability, // const => born ability
speed, // const => born ability
Ccoordinates position; // character's position
Ccharacter( std::string new_name = "A man" ); //domyslnie tworzony jest czlowiek
Ccharacter( Eraces born_race, std::string new_name = "A man" ); //podajemy rase postaci
void kill();
int32_t get_health();
std::string get_name();
uint32_t get_intelligence();
uint32_t get_strength();
uint32_t get_dexterity();
int32_t get_mind_strength();
int64_t get_gold();
uint32_t get_age();
int32_t get_max_load();
int16_t get_luck();
int32_t get_combat_ability();
int32_t get_armor();
int32_t get_speed();
Ccoordinates get_position();
Csoul* get_soul();
Eraces get_race();
Citem get_item( uint8_t item_number_ );
void gain_speed( int32_t speed_ );
void set_age( int16_t age_ );
void set_soul( Csoul* soul_ );
void set_max_load( int32_t max_load_ );
void set_position( Ccoordinates position_ );
void set_name( std::string name_ );
void gain_armor( int32_t armor_ );
void gain_health( int32_t damage_ ); // get hurt or get heal
void gain_gold( int64_t gold_amount_ ); // could be negative
void gain_item( Citem* item_ ); // player is taking an item
void throw_item( Citem* item_ ); // player is throwing away an item
void gain_dexterity( int64_t dexterity_ );
void gain_strength( int64_t strength_ );
void gain_intelligence( int64_t intelligence_ );
void gain_luck( int16_t luck_ );
bool is_dead();
}; // player/ npc/ character
#endif //_CCHARACTER_H_