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This is OpenSource Project;
It's licensed on GPL/ LGPL public license;
It's written by Daniel (dmilith) Dettlaff since August 2oo8.
You can redistribute this project only with this header.
#include <iostream>
#include <string.h>
#include "hashlib/hl_tools.h" //instead of haslibpp.h. It's kinda proxy for hashlib
static const uint8_t SHA1_SIZE = 41; // 40 + \0
class Ccoordinates {
char position[SHA1_SIZE]; // sha1 as map location identifier
char parent_positions[6][SHA1_SIZE]; // sha1 z sha sąsiadujących elementów liczone od lewego boku 6 kąta
// Ccoordinates( char pos[SHA1_SIZE], char parent_pos[SHA1_SIZE][ 6 ] );
char* get_parent_position( uint8_t element_ );
char* get_position();