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This is OpenSource Project;
It's licensed on GPL/ LGPL public license;
It's written by Daniel (dmilith) Dettlaff since August 2oo8.
You can redistribute this project only with this header.
#ifndef _CSOUL_H_
#define _CSOUL_H_
#include <iostream>
#include "core.h"
using namespace core;
enum Ealignment {
chaoticEvil = 0,
evil = 1,
neutralEvil = 2,
neutral = 3,
neutralGood = 4,
good = 5,
lawfulGood = 6,
demoan = 7 //demoan, polaczenie demona i aniola -cos jak chaoticNeutral
class Csoul : public Cobject {
uint64_t mana, /* mana */
mind_strength; /* sila umyslu */
Ealignment alignment; //charakter
// XXX: it should be possible to bool soul_exist; // does soul exist? - is it player or AI*
uint64_t get_mana();
uint64_t get_mind_strength();
void set_mana( uint64_t mana_ );
void set_mind_strength( uint64_t mind_strength_ );
#endif //_CSOUL_H_
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