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import inspect
import re
from django.db.models import ForeignKey
from south.db import generic
from import inspectdb
class DatabaseOperations(generic.DatabaseOperations):
SQLite3 implementation of database operations.
backend_name = "sqlite3"
# SQLite ignores several constraints. I wish I could.
supports_foreign_keys = False
has_check_constraints = False
# You can't add UNIQUE columns with an ALTER TABLE.
def add_column(self, table_name, name, field, *args, **kwds):
# Run ALTER TABLE with no unique column
unique, field._unique, field.db_index = field.unique, False, False
# If it's not nullable, and has no default, raise an error (SQLite is picky)
if (not field.null and
(not field.has_default() or field.get_default() is None) and
not field.empty_strings_allowed):
raise ValueError("You cannot add a null=False column without a default value.")
# Don't try and drop the default, it'll fail
kwds['keep_default'] = True
generic.DatabaseOperations.add_column(self, table_name, name, field, *args, **kwds)
# If it _was_ unique, make an index on it.
if unique:
self.create_index(table_name, [field.column], unique=True)
def _remake_table(self, table_name, renames={}, deleted=[], altered={}):
Given a table and three sets of changes (renames, deletes, alters),
recreates it with the modified schema.
# Dry runs get skipped completely
if self.dry_run:
# Temporary table's name
temp_name = "_south_new_" + table_name
# Work out the (possibly new) definitions of each column
definitions = {}
cursor = self._get_connection().cursor()
for column_info in self._get_connection().introspection.get_table_description(cursor, table_name):
name = column_info[0]
type = column_info[1]
# Deal with an alter (these happen before renames)
if name in altered:
type = altered[name]
# Deal with a rename
if name in renames:
name = renames[name]
# Add to the defs
definitions[name] = type
# Alright, Make the table
self.execute("CREATE TABLE %s (%s)" % (
", ".join(["%s %s" % (self.quote_name(cname), ctype) for cname, ctype in definitions.items()]),
# Copy over the data
self._copy_data(table_name, temp_name, renames)
# Delete the old table, move our new one over it
self.rename_table(temp_name, table_name)
def _copy_data(self, src, dst, field_renames={}):
"Used to copy data into a new table"
# Make a list of all the fields to select
cursor = self._get_connection().cursor()
q_fields = [column_info[0] for column_info in self._get_connection().introspection.get_table_description(cursor, dst)]
# Make sure renames are done correctly
for old, new in field_renames.items():
q_fields[q_fields.index(new)] = "%s AS %s" % (old, self.quote_name(new))
# Copy over the data
self.execute("INSERT INTO %s SELECT %s FROM %s;" % (
', '.join(q_fields),
def alter_column(self, table_name, name, field, explicit_name=True):
Changes a column's SQL definition
# Get the column's SQL
if not explicit_name:
name = field.column
sql = self.column_sql(table_name, name, field)
# Remake the table correctly
self._remake_table(table_name, altered={name: sql})
def delete_column(self, table_name, column_name):
Deletes a column.
self._remake_table(table_name, deleted=[column_name])
def rename_column(self, table_name, old, new):
Renames a column from one name to another.
self._remake_table(table_name, renames={old: new})
# Nor unique creation
def create_unique(self, table_name, columns):
Not supported under SQLite.
print " ! WARNING: SQLite does not support adding unique constraints. Ignored."
# Nor unique deletion
def delete_unique(self, table_name, columns):
Not supported under SQLite.
print " ! WARNING: SQLite does not support removing unique constraints. Ignored."
# Not implemented this yet.
def delete_primary_key(self, table_name):
raise NotImplementedError()
# No cascades on deletes
def delete_table(self, table_name, cascade=True):
generic.DatabaseOperations.delete_table(self, table_name, False)
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