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Natural sort order for PostgreSQL
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Natural sort order for PostgreSQL

dmitigr_nso - is a tiny extension for PostgreSQL to sort strings in natural sort order. Currently it implements the type textnso which is binary-coercible to/from the text type. It's possible to declare table columns of type textnso and create indexes on them.

ATTENTION, this software is "beta" quality, use it at your own risk!


Suppose there is a table already with a column of one of the character type defined as follows:

create table t1(id serial not null primary key,
                dat  text not null);

In such a case to naturally order by dat column it's enough to just cast it to the type textnso in the SQL query expression:

select * from t1 order by dat::textnso;

A table with column(s) of type textnso can also be defined. In addition Btree-indexes can be created on such column(s) for performance reasons.


Currenly, works only with a default collation and UTF-8 encoding. (Which is good enough for most cases.)


Because of type conversions rules defined by PostgreSQL care should be taken when using textnso type in the expressions. For example:

-- could be a problem, the result type is text
select 'foo'::textnso||'bar';

-- ok, the result type is textnso
select ('foo'::textnso||'bar')::textnso;


In order to build dmitigr_nso extension from source the following software are required:

In summary, the loadable module will be placed to the directory specified via PG_PKGLIB_DIR CMake variable, and SQL and control files will be placed to the directory specified via the PG_SHARE_DIR CMake variable. After the build and install procedures described below, the extension dmitigr_nso must be created:

create extension dmitigr_nso;

See CREATE EXTENSION command documentation for details.

CMake variables

The table below (may need to use horizontal scrolling for full view) contains variables which can be passed to CMake for customization.

CMake variable Description Default
The type of the build (not meaningful on Windows)
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug | Release | RelWithDebInfo | MinSizeRel Release
PG_INCLUDE_DIR_SERVER Path to header files of the PostgreSQL server $(pg_config --includedir-server)
PG_LIB_DIR Path to object code libraries of the PostgreSQL server $(pg_config --libdir)
PG_PKGLIB_DIR Path to dynamically loadable modules of the PostgreSQL server $(pg_config --pkglibdir)
PG_SHARE_DIR Path to architecture-independent support files of the PostgreSQL server $(pg_config --sharedir)

The following example shows how to specify a custom location of header files for the PostgreSQL server via CMake variable:

$ cmake -DPG_INCLUDE_DIR_SERVER=/path/to/headers ..

Installation on Linux

$ git clone
$ mkdir -p pgnso/build
$ cd pgnso/build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ sudo make install

Installation on Microsoft Windows

Run Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio and type:

> git clone
> mkdir pgnso\build
> cd pgnso\build
> cmake -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" ..
> cmake --build . --config Release

Next, run the elevated command prompt and type:

> cd pgnso\build
> cmake -P cmake_install.cmake


dmitigr_nso is distributed under zlib license. For conditions of distribution and use, see file LICENSE.txt.


Copyright (C) Dmitry Igrishin

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