How exactly would you add this awesome util to an existing project #29

sogwiz opened this Issue Jan 18, 2013 · 2 comments


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sogwiz commented Jan 18, 2013


Sorry about the bonehead question but what's the recommended way of adding DLCImagePickerController to an existing iOS project?
Thank you kindly!

dmitric commented Jan 24, 2013

Hey Sogwiz, the easiest way would be to add this as a submodule, and then add the GPUImage project to your xcodeproj as described on GPUImage repo.

sogwiz commented Jan 31, 2013

Thank you dmitric. Any specific instructions on how to add this to a non git project? I have a standalone xcode project (not using git). Adding DLCImagePicker as a submodule necessitates that the parent project also be a git project, no?

Btw, this camera utility and example is very nice. backspaces is also a great freakn idea

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