Generate interesting musical patterns on iOS using basic rules of cellular automatons.
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Tap Pad for iOS

Music Hackday Toronto 2013 - iOS based Tap Pad (see web version here)

Note: This is a universal app and works for iPhone and iPad

Made by Dmitri Cherniak (@dmitric)

How to get it running

git clone
pod install
open TapPad.xcworkspace

The only external dependency is AFNetworking and I use CocoaPods to load it in. You need CocoaPods to build this project.


Just tap on the grid and get started!


Generate interesting musical patterns using basic rules of cellular automatons.

You'd be surprised how beautiful some of these "random" yet 100% reproducible patterns are. Its sounds totally unique, but it's completely deterministic.

Screenshot on iPhone

iPhone screenshot

Screenshot on iPad

iPad screenshot


Tap Pad for iOS currently has localizations for English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hebrew, and Chinese (Simplified)

Thank you to the following people for their help with translation:

Web version

There's also a web version here