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noe is a simple note-taking application built on top of ErlyWeb
1. Install yaws,
2. Install MySQL,
3. Install ErlyWeb,
4. Edit /etc/hosts (on Windows - /path/to/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) and add: noe
5. Run migrations/main.sql to create necessary tables in you database
6. Edit src/noe_app.hrl and change database connection data and paths
7. Open console, and type:
sh> make run
This will:
- run make:all()
- which will use the Emakefile information to compile the files
needed for compiling/starting noe (noe.erl for now)
- start a Yaws server using the configuration data from ./yaws.conf
- execute noe:start() as specified in the yaws.conf with the line:
runmod = noe
8. You can now open up your browser and navigate to http://noe/
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