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A set of thor scripts for managing application versions

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Very often we need to monitor versions of application. This gem helps to do it.



ruby gem 'releaser'

to your Gemfile.


When issuing major release, run releaser major NEW_CODENAME. You may omit the codename if you are not using any. This will tag a commit and push the tag to origin. You have --no-push option not to do the last step. Running it with -p will issue it in "pretend" mode, without actual making changes.

To issue a minor release, you should run releaser minor. It has the same options as major, except the codename.

To get the current version just type release. Try -v for more verbosity.



require 'releaser/capistrano'

to your config/deploy.rb file. This will automagically tag your deploy commits and push it. Also it will write current revision to the file CURRENT_VERSION in your application directory. To get it from application, issue"no version")

with an optional argument for a default string (default is "development").

See lib/releaser/capistrano/release_tagging for more details.

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