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echowaves is an opensource group chat social network.

EchoWaves is a Collaboration Tool and a Social Network. EchoWaves is as powerful as CampFire, and as simple to use as Twitter. It’s built around conversations (convos) rather than users. Isn’t it more natural for humans to socialize around convos?

Why one more Collaboration Tools? After all we already have meebo.com and campfire and many others like facebook.com and such. They all are great, but… none of them fits our needs 100%, and none of them is open-source.

This tool could be an important addition to an agile team, specially to a geographically distributed one. We all know the importance of communication which could be difficult if people are not in the same room, or when someone walks out for few minutes…

If you’d like to contribute, perhaps start by picking a task from the issues list at the echowaves issues tracker

Talk with us in the echowaves convo