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use dmitrybtn\yimp\Yimp;
use yii\bootstrap4\Html;
<!-- Options for desktops -->
<?php $this->beginBlock(Yimp::SIDEBAR_RIGHT); ?>
<div class="sidebar-form-controls border rounded p-3">
<div class="h5">Options</div>
<?php echo Html::submitButton('Save', ['class' => 'btn btn-success btn-block', 'form' => $this->context->form->id]) ?>
<?php echo Html::a('Cancel', $this->context->cancelUrl, ['class' => 'btn btn-outline-secondary btn-block']) ?>
<?php $this->endBlock(); ?>
<!-- Options for mobiles -->
<?php $this->beginBlock(Yimp::FOOTER); ?>
<footer class="container-fluid fixed-bottom py-2 bg-light d-xl-none">
<div class="row justify-content-center">
<div class="col-6 col-md-5"><?php echo Html::a('Cancel', $this->context->cancelUrl, ['class' => 'btn btn-block btn-secondary']) ?></div>
<div class="col-6 col-md-5"><?php echo Html::submitButton('Save', ['class' => 'btn btn-block btn-success', 'form' => $this->context->form->id]) ?></div>
<?php $this->endBlock(); ?>
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