This is a "dd_googlesitemap" TYPO3 extension. It adds sitemap support to TYPO3 CMS.
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Google sitemaps for TYPO3

This is a "dd_googlesitemap" TYPO3 extension. You will need a TYPO3 CMS to run it.

What does it do?

This extension adds sitemaps for pages and tt_news items. Typically you add the result to Google like

Make sure to read the manual in the doc/ directory before asking questions or writing bug reports. Anything, which is explained in the manual, will be silently closed without answering.

What it does not do?

Many things. It is deliberately not a "all-purpose solution". It is created to be fast and efficient. It only contains sitemaps for pages and tt_news and there are no plans to change that or do any sophisticated filtering, etc. You still can ask though :)


Main repository is at