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This wiki serves as the only official documentation for RealURL 2.x. Note that documentation for version 1.x is contained in EXT:realurl/doc/manual.sxw (download).

  1. What does it do?
  2. Installing and enabling the extension
  3. ℹ️ Getting help
  4. Automatic and default configurations
  5. Manual configuration
  6. Configuration reference
  7. TSConfig
  8. Troubleshooting
  9. Notes for Integrators
  10. Notes for Developers
  11. Differences between RealURL 1.x and 2.x
  12. Upgrading from RealURL 1.x to RealURL 2.x
  13. Contributing

If you like the extension, please, consider donating via PayPal. This helps to support my work on this extension, fix bugs, improve performance, add new features, etc.

Companies can also do bank transfers to a EU and get an invoice from a EU-based company. Please, contact for more information.

EXT:realurl 2.x and documentation is © 2015 Dmitry Dulepov. It is licensed under GPL v3.