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P3DFFT++ Documentation

The new generation of P3DFFT library (dubbed P3DFFT++ or P3DFFT v.3) is a generalization of the concept of P3DFFT for more arbitrary data formats and transform functions. It is now in beta testing and is available from its GitHub page. Language-specific reference is provided in Tutorial as well as in separate Reference documents (see C++, C and Fortran).

.. toctree::
        :maxdepth: 1

        P3DFFT++ Tutorial <p3dfft++_tutorial.rst>
        P3DFFT++ C++ reference <p3dfft++_c++_reference.rst>
        P3DFFT++ C Reference <p3dfft++_c_reference.rst>
        P3DFFT++ Fortran Reference <p3dfft++_fortran_reference.rst>
        P3DFFT++ C++ examples <p3dfft++_c++_examples.rst>
        P3DFFT++ C examples <p3dfft++_c_examples.rst>
        P3DFFT++ Fortran examples <p3dfft++_fortran_examples.rst>
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