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Utility to play a2t files from Adlib Tracker 2
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 A2TPlay - the AdlibTracker-Player for your OPL3-less PC          - by Da!NyL

A2TPlay is a console-based A2T player for Windows & Linux (32-bit only).
A2T is the Tiny Format which can be saved by using CTRL-F2 in AdlibTracker2.

To use the player simply drag&drop ONE a2t file at a2t_play.exe
To record the sound output to a wave file, open a command prompt and type 
" a2t_play <a2t-file> <outfile.wav> "

The OPL3-Emulator is the fabled ymf262 v0.2 by Jarek Burczynski and the
A2T-Player is subz3ro's A2Replay ported to FreePascal 2.0

To use the linux-port you need to copy to /usr/lib

This software is licensed under the LGPL2.1

This software is still alpha-grade software. Reports are welcome!

<Da!NyL> signing off... 14.10.2006
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