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Final Burn Alpha SDL for GCW-Zero

FB Alpha is an arcade emulator supporting the following hardware platforms;

 - Capcom CPS-1 
 - Capcom CPS-2 
 - Capcom CPS-3 
 - Cave 
 - Data East DEC-0, DEC-8 and DECO IC16 based games 
 - Galaxian based hardware 
 - Irem M62, M63, M72, M90 and M92 hardware 
 - Kaneko 16 
 - Konami 
 - Neo-Geo 
 - Pacman based hardware 
 - PGM 
 - Psikyo 68EC020 and SH-2 based hardware 
 - Sega System 1, System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board and Y-Board 
 - Toaplan 1 
 - Toaplan 2 
 - Taito F2, X, Z and others 
 - Miscellaneous drivers for lots of other hardware 

Supported games

Refer to gamelist.txt for the list of supported roms


FBA SDL for GCW-Zero is based on FBA

Romset is synchronized with MAME 0.159

How to use FB Alpha

FBA SDL is now merged with the frontend based on Capex in one application. Just
run it, press START and choose Rom Show mode: all, available or non-available.
If needed, supplementary rom paths could be set.

FBA SDL could be used as a standalone application when invoked with
rom zip with full path as a parameter:

./fbasdl.dge ./roms/

Full path and extension are obligatory.

Commandline interface

FBA SDL can also be invoked with command line options. 
The options are as follows;

./fbasdl.dge <game> [<parameters>]

<game>                  - The game's romname with full path and extension.
--no-sound              - Just be silent
--sound-sdl             - Use SDL for sound (mutex syncro)
--sound-sdl-old         - Use SDL for sound
--sound-ao              - Use libao for sound
--samplerate=<Hz>       - Valid values are: 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000 and 44100
--sense=<value>         - Analog sensitivity: 0..100
--showfps               - Show frames per second while play
--vsync                 - Syncronize video refresh on 60Hz
--68kcore=<value>       - Choose Motorola 68000 emulation core.
                          0 - C68k, 1 - Musashi M68k, 2 - A68k


./fbasdl.dge ./roms/ --sound-sdl --samplerate=44100 --68kcore=0

Controls and hotkeys

Standard keymapping:
D-PAD        - D-PAD
SELECT       - Coin1
START        - Start1
A            - Fire1
B            - Fire2
X            - Fire3
Y            - Fire4
L            - Fire5
R            - Fire6

L+R+Y        - Show/hide fps
L+R+A        - Quick state load
L+R+B        - Quick state save
L+R+SELECT   - Service menu
L+R+START    - FBA menu (key config and load/save states)

All fire keys could be redefined in the menu.

Thanks go to

Slaanesh for not releasing FBA320 sources which gave me enough motivation to
replicate his work. :)

Source code

Dmitry Smagin
exmortis [at] yandex [dot] ru

FB Alpha is written by FB Alpha Team


Final Burn Alpha for GCW-Zero






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