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 FCEU320 v0.3 
 FCEUX port for OpenDingux
 Thanks go to all people who worked on each incarnation of FCEU320: the_gama, ValdikSS and DiegoSLTS.
 The archive contains 3 files:
 fceu320/fceu320.dge - binary for legacy Dingux (Ritmix rzx50 and Dingoo a380/a320e) DO NOT USE FOR DINGOO A320 LEGACY DINGUX
 fceu320/fceu320-od.dge - binary for OpenDingux
 fc_emu.dge - bash-script replacement for native rzx50/a380/a320e emulators
 - copy folder fceu320 with its contents to "emulator" folder of inner flash-memory of your handheld
 - replace native fc_emu.dge with a replacement from the archive
 - disconnect and play
 What's changed comparing to DiegoSLTS's version:

 - CHANGED: All subsystems are back on SDL: video, sound, input and so on; minimal driver is removed completely.
   In fact it's vitually a new port.
 - ADDED: Thanks to new sound synchronizing with mutexes and conditions sound framerate is tweakable again: 8000 - 48000
   and it doesn't affect emulation speed anymore
 - ADDED: Most of Rshift + key combos are brought back (see Controls below)
 - ADDED: For Ritmix RZX-50 fullscreen upscales to 384x272
 - FIXED: Corrupt preview screen in load/save state options
 - FIXED: Screen corruption with scaler=original and clipsides=0
 - REMOVED: Sound thread priority option is removed as it has no sense anymore

Noticed bugs/features:
 - When sound is off, the framerate lowers to 50 fps
 - Upscalers 280x240 and 320x240 ignore 8 left and 8 right pixels (critical for some games)
 Dingoo				Nes
 Pad				Pad
 A				A
 B				B
 Y				TurboB
 X				TurboA
 Select				Select
 Start				Start

 R Shoulder		  	Hotkey combo
 L Shoulder			Open GUI screen

 *Default Hotkeys*

 R + A				Save state (current slot from gui is used)
 R + B 				Load state (current slot from gui is used)
 R + X				Toggle fullscreen
 R + Y				Flip fds disk
 R + UP				Toggle framerate display
 R + LEFT			Insert vsuni coin
 R + SELECT			Save snapshot
 R + START			Pause emulation

 Dmitry Smagin exmortis(at)

 FCEU320 v0.3
 FCEUx port for Dingux


 - Based on latest fceux svn revision (4/03/2010).
 - Great compatibility
 - Builtin nsf player
 - FDS support
   NOTE: You must put a copy of your fds bios (disksys.rom)
	 in the /local/home/.fceux folder.
 - 280x240 and fullscreen (320x240) video scale support.
 - Blur filter support
 - Fractional frameskip support: 1/3, 1/2 and 1. For example
   for frameskip 1/3 one frame is skipped and three emulated.
 - Zipped roms.
 - Gui for configuration with almost all fceux options available.
 - Built-in rom browser.
 - FCM and FM2 movie formats supported. 
   NOTE: When a movie is selected the emu will ask for the 
         corresponding nes rom.
 - Custom palette support
   NOTE: As version 0.3 you need to choose the palette from the file
 - Virtual mouse support; use the pad to move the cursor, A and B
   are the mouse buttons.
 - Support for zapper, oeka and other mouse (gun) like games.
 - Support for fceux hotkeys (See controls for default hotkeys). 
   NOTE: Only 10 hotkeys can be set using R + key combo and not 
     all hotkeys are supported. Please read fceux documentation 
     for more info about hotkeys.
 - Screenshot support.


 * Added file browser to GUI.
 * Rearenged all settings to three submenus: main, video and sound.
   Almost every original option is available now; like ntsc tv emulation, 
   PAL timming, individual nes apu channel volume, etc.
 * Added new 280x240 scaler in video settings.
 * Merged last svn revision (4/03/2010).
 * Added fcm and fm2 movie support.
 * Added virtual mouse (gun) support.
 * Added hotkeys support (See features).
 * Added screenshot option to GUI.  The screenshot is saved in png
   format in the /usr/home/.fceux folder.
 * Added softreset nes using power switch.
 * Added option to save (override) default config to GUI.
   NOTE: There is no option to recover the default config yet.  So if you
         want to do that just remove the /local/home/.fceux/fceux.cfg file.
 * Added fractional frameskip (See features).
 * Replaced SDL driver with a minimal driver using Slaanesh's minimal
 * Fixed gui vsync.

 * Fixed battery support for FDS games.
 * Fixed save state support for FDS games.
 + Added separate config file for each rom.
 + Added frameskip support.
 + Added small GUI for configuration and other options.
 + Added custom palette support.
 * Added one button fds disk switching. 
 + Small speed increase.
 + Started optimizing mappers using code coverage.


 - Small gameplay lag.
   NOTE: Please use elta's rootfs to reduce lag.
 - The fullscreen scaler always clips left
   and right 8 pixels columns from the nes screen.
 - IMPORTANT: Audio can get out of sync and some games play too
   fast, especially nsfs.  To avoid (lower) this
   issue please try changing the following settings:
   sound rate, cpu rate, frameskip and sound thread prioriy.

 Not supported

 - Movie record.  Actually it should work but i haven't tested
   it and there is currently no option to activate it in the GUI.
 - Hight quality sound (It is just too heavy :().
 - New ppu core (Just like hqsound :().
 - Family keyboard, Mahjong and other input devices that needs more
   than 10 buttons.


 - Add movie record support.
 - Make splash screen (?).
 - VSync not supported.  NOTE: I read somewhere that the vsync 
   problem is related to the emulator itself.



Fceux 2.2.3 for OpenDingux (with gui from Fceu320 v0.3)







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