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                            The Griffon Legend 

              Originally written by Syn9 in FreeBASIC with SDL

            Ported to plain C for GCW-Zero handheld by Dmitry Smagin

                 Programming/Graphics: Daniel "Syn9" Kennedy
                     Music/Sound effects: David Turner

                   Beta testing and gameplay design help:
                    Deleter, Cha0s, Aether Fox, and Kiz


The Griffon Legend is an action RPG with screen-to-screen map. It features
original storyline and design made in 16-bit style RPG's of SNES/GENESIS era.

During gameplay you can see up to 3 bars below your character. The top is
health, the next is attack strength (let it charge to hit harder) and then
spell strangth (same as attack). When you learn new spells you will see their
icons in the bottom right corner with a meter below them to show them charging.
When the meter turns orange they are ready for use.

Some history

Originally The Griffon Legend was written in FreeBASIC (
using SDL for graphics and FMOD for sound/music. That restricted the game to
be released for Windows only. Now The Griffon Legend is rewritten in plain C
using SDL and SDL_mixer for better portability, the source code is licensed
under GPL2 license (see COPYING). All non source code assets are licensed under
Creative Commons and are copyright of their respective authors.

GCW-Zero controls

D-PAD  - moving
A      - attack
B      - item menu
SELECT - main menu

Special thanks

Special thanks to Pete for writing the article on the game, that was awsome!
As well as all the beta testers for putting so much time into making the game
fun. And everyone who has kept up with the game waiting for it to be released,
i am very honoured that so many people were looking forward to this game.

I really hope everyone who plays this game enjoys it.  ive tried to get as
much criticism as i can to make sure it is wellrounded and incorporates all
the necessities for a game of this style. Also any comments or criticism is
always welcome at the forums!

Thank you for taking time to read this, and enjoy the game!


The Griffon Legend action rpg game ported from FreeBasic




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