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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<opml version="1.0">
<title>Fuentes por defecto</title>
<outline text="Fuentes de ejemplo (castellano)">
<outline text="OSS">
<outline text="Hispalinux" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" />
<outline text="Barrapunto" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" />
<outline text="BulmaLUG" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" />
<!-- lets keep this default English block in sync over all feed lists! -->
<outline text="Fuentes de ejemplo (inglés)">
<outline text="News">
<outline text="Ars Technica" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Slashdot" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" />
<outline text="BBC" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Science" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Open Source"> <!-- translate this title for localized feed list -->
<outline text="Liferea Blog" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" />
<outline text="Planet GNOME" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" />
<outline text="Podcasts &amp; Music"> <!-- translate this title for localized feed list -->
<outline text="EscapePod" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Free Music Archive" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Gorilla vs. Bear" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline text="Comics">
<outline text="xkcd" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl=""/>
<!-- end of default block -->
<!-- the following search folders should also be in sync for all feed lists -->
<!-- Do only translate the @text attributes in all of the following <outline> tags! -->
<outline text="Sin leer" title="Unread" description="Unread" type="vfolder" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="vfolder">
<outline type="rule" text="Read status" rule="unread" value="" additive="true"/>
<outline text="Importantes" title="Important" description="Important" type="vfolder" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="vfolder">
<outline type="rule" text="Flag status" rule="flagged" value="" additive="true"/>
<!-- end of search folder block -->