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;;; This is the master value for LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION. It's
;;; separated into its own file here so that it's easy for
;;; text-munging make-ish or cvs-ish scripts to find and tweak it. For
;;; the convenience of such scripts, only a simple subset of Lisp
;;; reader syntax should be used here: semicolon-delimited comments,
;;; possible blank lines or other whitespace, and a single
;;; double-quoted string value alone on its own line.
;;; appropriate and relevant result can be produced", but as long as
;;; we control the build, we can always assign an appropriate and
;;; relevant result, so this must be a string, not NIL.
;;; Conventionally a string like "0.6.6", with three numeric fields,
;;; is used for released versions, and a string like "", with
;;; four numeric fields, is used for versions which aren't released
;;; but correspond only to CVS tags or snapshots. (And occasionally
;;; for internal versions, especially for internal versions off the
;;; main CVS branch, it gets hairier, e.g. "0.pre7.14.flaky4.13".)
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