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set -e
# Remove everything in directories which are only used for output.
# In most cases, we can remove the directories, too.
# (We don't remove all the directories themselves for a stupid technical
# reason: "gmake clean" in the src/runtime directory gets unhappy if the
# output/ directory doesn't exist, because it tries to build Depends
# before it cleans itself, and src/c-runtime/sbcl.h is a symlink into
# the output/ directory, and it gets the gcc dependency processing gets
# all confused trying to figure out a header file which is a symlink
# into a directory which doesn't exist. We'd like to be able to run
# this script (including "gmake clean" in the src/runtime directory)
# several times in a row without failure.. so we leave the output/
# directory in place.)
rm -rf obj/* output/* src/runtime/genesis/
# Ensure that we know GNUMAKE.
. ./
# Ask some other directories to clean themselves up.
for d in tools-for-build; do
cd ./$d > /dev/null
# I hope the -s option is standard. At least GNU make and BSD make
# support it. It silences make, since otherwise the output from
# this script is just the operations done by these make's, which
# is misleading when this script does lotso other operations too.
# -- WHN
$GNUMAKE -I ../src/runtime -s clean
cd "$original_pwd" > /dev/null
( cd ./doc ; sh ./ )
# Within all directories, remove things which don't look like source
# files. Some explanations:
# (symlinks)
# are never in the sources, so must've been created
# sbcl
# the runtime environment, created by compiling C code
# sbcl.h
# information about Lisp code needed to build the runtime environment,
# created by running GENESIS
# Config, target
# architecture-dependent or OS-dependent symlinks
# core
# probably a Unix core dump -- not part of the sources anyway
# *.o, *.so, *.lib, *.nm, a.out
# results of C-style linking, assembling, etc.
# *.core, *.map
# looks like SBCL SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE or GENESIS output, and
# certainly not source
# *~, #*#
# common names for editor temporary files
# TAGS, tags
# files created by GNU etags and ctags
# .#*, *.orig, .*.orig, *.rej
# rubbish left behind by CVS updates
# *.htm, *.html
# The system doc sources are mostly texinfo, plus various odds
# and ends like docstrings embedded in .lisp sources; any HTML is
# automatically-generated output.
# depend, *.d
# made by "make depend" (or "gmake depend" or some such thing)
# *.lisp-obj, *.fasl, *.x86f, *.axpf, *.lbytef, *.lib
# typical extensions for fasl files (not just from SBCL, but
# from other Lisp systems which might be used as xc hosts)
# *.tmp, *.lisp-temp
# conventional names for temporary files autogenerated in
# building or testing
# test-passed
# generated by automatic directory-test-thyself procedure
find . \( \
-name _darcs -o \
-name '{arch}' -o \
-name CVS -o \
-name .hg -o \
-name .git -o \
-name .svn \) -type d -prune -o \
\( \
-type l -o \
-name '*~' -o \
-name '#*#' -o \
-name '.#*' -o \
-name '*.orig' -o \
-name '.*.orig' -o \
-name '*.rej' -o \
-name '?*.x86f' -o \
-name '?*.axpf' -o \
-name '?*.lbytef' -o \
-name '?*.fasl' -o \
-name '?*.FASL' -o \
-name 'core' -o \
-name '?*.core' -o \
-name '*.map' -o \
-name '*.nm' -o \
-name '*.host-obj' -o \
-name '*.lisp-obj' -o \
-name '*.target-obj' -o \
-name '*.lib' -o \
-name '*.tmp' -o \
-name '*.lisp-temp' -o \
-name '*.o' -o \
-name '*.so' -o \
-name '*.d' -o \
-name 'a.out' -o \
-name 'sbcl' -o \
-name 'sbcl.h' -o \
-name 'depend' -o \
-name 'TAGS' -o \
-name 'tags' -o \
-name 'test-passed' -o \
-name 'ldso-stubs.S' -o \
-name 'local-target-features.lisp-expr' \) -print | xargs rm -f
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