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# A simple shell-script to run the freshly build SBCL without
# installing it.
# This software is part of the SBCL system. See the README file for
# more information.
# This software is derived from the CMU CL system, which was
# written at Carnegie Mellon University and released into the
# public domain. The software is in the public domain and is
# provided with absolutely no warranty. See the COPYING and CREDITS
# files for more information.
set -e
if [ "$1" = "--help" ]; then
echo "usage: sbcl-options*"
echo "Runs SBCL from the build directory or binary tarball without need for"
echo "installation. Except for --help and --core, accepts all the same"
echo "command-line options as SBCL does."
exit 1
BASE=`dirname "$0"`
if [ -x "$BASE"/src/runtime/sbcl -a -f "$BASE"/output/sbcl.core ]; then
echo "(running SBCL from: $BASE)"
SBCL_HOME="$BASE"/contrib \
"$BASE"/src/runtime/sbcl --core "$BASE"/output/sbcl.core "$@"
echo "No built SBCL here ($BASE): run 'sh' first!"
exit 1
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