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* Mailing lists
Your first recourse for support should probably be to the mailing list
Remember that the people answering your qwuestion are volunteers, so
you stand a much better chance of getting a good answer if you ask a
good question: before sending mail, check
- the list archives, to check if your question has been answered already
or (same list, different archive)
- the BUGS file, to see if we know about it. Note that some of the
bugs in this file are old and it might be useful to have fresh reports,
in particular if you have new information that might help debugging
- advice on how to report bugs and ask questions that people want to
* Consultants
There is no formal organization developing SBCL, but if you need a
paid support arrangement or custom SBCL development, we maintain a
list of consultants in this file. Use it to identify consultants with
appropriate skills and interests, and contact them directly.
The compilers of this file have made no attempt to verify the accuracy
of the information or the competence of the people listed: you must
make your own judgement of suitability from the available information
- refer to the links they provide, the CREDITS file, mailing list
archives, CVS commit messages, and so on. Please feel free to ask for
advice on the sbcl-help list.
Name: Daniel Barlow
PGP: 1024D/75908913 : FC7 3143 7340 DECA D17A 357D 1C32 B966 7590 8913
Expertise: Lowlevel issues (threads, GC, runtime support). Ports to new systems. Network/web applications. ASDF, asdf-install, contrib issues.
Offerings: Custom programming. Email-based support (per-incident).
Name: Christophe Rhodes
PGP: 1024D/52D68DF2 : B36B 91C5 1835 DB9B FBAB 735B 84C5 E278 52D6 8DF2
Expertise: Ports to new systems, optimizations of current platforms. Library bug fixes or enhancements.
Offerings: Custom programming.
[ If you provide SBCL-related services, please add your details to
this file keeping alphabetical order by surname, following the
template used by existing entries. Patches are welcome from those
with no CVS commit access. We don't maintain a PGP keyring, so please
ensure your key can be found on the public servers ]
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