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        * Fixed bug NCONC-6: last argument of NCONC may be any object
        * APPEND signals TYPE-ERROR if any of its arguments but the
          last is not a list
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Alexey Dejneka
Alexey Dejneka committed Nov 12, 2002
1 parent 1aefe68 commit 9b8b4c8c331b287c7177951442288cc39d3a492f
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@@ -1390,14 +1390,15 @@ changes in sbcl-0.7.10 relative to sbcl-0.7.9:
** PSETQ now works as required in the presence of side-effecting
symbol-macro places;
** NCONC accepts any object as its last argument
* fixed bug 166: compiler preserves "there is a way to go"
invariant when deleting code.
* fixed bug 172: macro lambda lists with required arguments after
&REST arguments now cause an error to be signalled. (thanks to
Matthew Danish)
* fixed Entomotomy PEEK-CHAR-WRONGLY-ECHOS-TO-ECHO-STREAM bug (thanks
to Matthew Danish)
* fixed bug 225: STRING-STREAM is now a class (reported byg Gilbert
* fixed bug 225: STRING-STREAM is now a class (reported by Gilbert
planned incompatible changes in 0.7.x:

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