Commits on Jan 11, 2005

    jsnell committed Jan 11, 2005
    	Improvements to the statistical profiler.
            * Add support for x86-64.
            * Time spent in foreign functions was previously attributed to
              "elsewhere". Now reported individually for all of them, and
              "foreign function __open", "foreign function sin", etc.
            * Walk the call stack to a depth of 8 instead of relying only
              on the PC and RA from os-context-t (currently only on x86/x86-64).
              Thus instead of just knowing that a lot of time is being spent
              on (for example) bignum operations, we might find out where
    	  the bignum operations are being initiated.
            * Add a column for accrued time to the flat report.
            * Add kludgy workaround for invalid frame-pointers in the
              os-context-t structure causing segfaults.
Commits on Jan 10, 2005

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Jan 10, 2005
            * BACKQ-* wrappers have dynamic-extent argument lists.
            * Dereference FUNCTION designator argument of REDUCE at the
              beginning of the function.
            * Remove some FIXNUM declarations in REDUCE.
Commits on Jan 9, 2005

    antifuchs committed Jan 9, 2005
            Manual build fixes.
            * Allow the manual to be built with an sbcl in a non-standard
              place.  This is supposed to help the autobuilder/benchmarker
              build a manual without jumping through too many hoops.
            * Add a docstring to sb-md5's md5sum-string, to make the
              manual happy again.

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Jan 9, 2005
            Document stack allocation of closures in the manual.

    csrhodes committed Jan 9, 2005
    	Merge Robert J. Macomber's octets3.lisp (sbcl-devel 2005-01-06)
    	... use WITH-ARRAY-DATA for bounds checking and simple-array
    	... implement ASCII external format (and MALFORMED-ASCII
    	... don't need CODE-RANGE type, we can use CHAR-CODE;
    	... make it compile in #!-SB-UNICODE;
    	... one or two other frobs.  I don't think this is in its final
    		form even now, but it's good enough, and...
    	Implement SB-MD5:MD5SUM-STRING, calling STRING-TO-OCTETS
    	... adjust md5-tests.lisp to use it;
    	... tests now pass.  Hooray.
Commits on Jan 8, 2005

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Jan 8, 2005
            * Allocate closures at the beginning of FLET/LABELS form.
            ... fix bug 125.
            * Partial support of stack allocation of dynamic-extent
              closures on x86.

    jsnell committed Jan 8, 2005
    	Fix a few AMD64 issues.
    	* Fix broken logic in SIGNED-BYTE-32-P for negative numbers
              when NOT-P is true. (Reported by Todd Sabin on sbcl-devel,
    	* Correct incorrectly spelled type names in DUMP-I-VECTOR.
              (Patch by Cheuksan Edward Wang).
            * Sap-operations on floats were using broken x87 code. Replace
              with SSE. (Patch by Cheuksan Edward Wang).
Commits on Jan 7, 2005

    csrhodes committed Jan 7, 2005
    	Fix for OUTPUT-NOTHING restart
    	... don't advance by a character if we don't output anything

    csrhodes committed Jan 7, 2005
    	Merge Teemu Kalvas "several nice fixes to external format restarts"
    	sbcl-devel 2005-01-07
    	... not the extra exports, but some different exports instead;
    	... frob SIMPLE-DECODING-ERROR signature so that the octets
    		get reported correctly.

    csrhodes committed Jan 7, 2005
    	CLISP build fixes
    	... CUT-TO-WIDTH now takes three arguments;
    	... *LOAD-PATHNAME* and *COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME* aren't absolute
    		in CLISP, sigh.  Use -TRUENAME* variants instead.
    	... PRINT not PRIN1 the random state after the huge bignum, otherwise
    		most of the time is spent in the pretty printer formatting
    		the random state to column 700000000000
    	... bit more NEWS on the x86-64 merge.
Commits on Jan 6, 2005

    jsnell committed Jan 6, 2005
    	Fix a few problems with the AMD64 merge.
    	* Fix genesis of double-floats on 32-bit little-endian platforms.
            * Remove Makefile kludge for forcing shared libraries in contribs
              to use the 32-bit mode on AMD64.
            * Remove extra argument to MY-MAKE-WIRED-TN in x86-64/c-call.lisp
              (prevented using CMUCL as host, since it gives a full warning).
            * Add a NEWS entry for the new port.

    csrhodes committed Jan 6, 2005
    	Merge x86-64-again branch onto HEAD.
    	Many, many, many 64-bit cleanups in code/, runtime/, compiler/,
    	New SAP-REF-WORD and friends.
    	Various fixes to the x86-64 backends (and addition of assembly/
    	and runtime/ files necessary).  Implementation of Unicode-related
    	stuff by CSR.  Signed modular arithmetic has not yet been
    	A number of tests fail:
    	... alien.impure.lisp: enum <-> integer array conversion
    	... exhaust.impure.lisp: "deferred gubbins"
    	... float.pure.lisp: float infinities
    	... "deferred gubbins"
    	It's possible that this merge will cause alpha32 to break in an
    	interesting way, probably related to undefined-alien.  Needs
    	debugging.  Other architectures have been tested, but of course
    	it's possible that something has gone wrong.
    	Though I (CSR) am merging this, the vast majority of the work was
    	done by Juho Snellman (building on Dan Barlow's initial work to
    	get it into executing lisp code in cold-init), with guest appearances
    	by Cheuksan Edward Wang and Vincent Arkesteijn.
Commits on Jan 5, 2005

    csrhodes committed Jan 5, 2005
    	Merge patch from Teemu Kalvas for recovery from encoding errors
    	... not all recoveries seem to work currently.
  2. fix a small bug where EVAL-IN-LEXENV wasn't evaluating the…

    Brian Mastenbrook
    Brian Mastenbrook committed Jan 5, 2005
    … value
               of a setq assignment in any lexenv.
Commits on Jan 2, 2005

    csrhodes committed Jan 2, 2005
    	Maybe fix the clisp build bug (reported by Pascal Bourguignon)
Commits on Jan 1, 2005

    csrhodes committed Jan 1, 2005
    	Fix FORMATTER.COND.7 and similar;
    	... ~V[ uses only one argument to determine which clause (unless
    		the argument is NIL, of course)

    csrhodes committed Jan 1, 2005
    	Merge a couple of patches
    	... a bug in 'filesys.lisp' (Artem V. Andreev);
    	... (coerce #c(1 2) '(complex float)) => error (Vincent Arkesteijn)
Commits on Dec 31, 2004

    csrhodes committed Dec 31, 2004
    	Make METHOD and FAST-METHOD generalized function names
    	... some adjustments in NAMED-LAMBDAs;
    	... no more INTERN-FUN-NAME, yay.

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Dec 31, 2004
    	more BUGS
    	misc. fiddling/tidying while trying to relearn IRn guts...
    	...indentation systematization
    	...redid printers s/#<CTRAN  #1 {97EC941}>/#<CTRAN 1 {97EC941}>/
    		so that they look less like *PRINT-CIRCLE* bugs

    csrhodes committed Dec 31, 2004
    	Make comments in ctor.lisp reflect the two recent fixes.

    csrhodes committed Dec 31, 2004
    	Pass defaulted initargs, not just present initargs, to methods
    	... test, both for constant and variable initforms;
    	... I wish I could remember who reported this bug where.

    csrhodes committed Dec 31, 2004
    	Fix for invalid :default-initargs not being caught by ctor
    	... disable ctor if any default-initarg keys are invalid
Commits on Dec 30, 2004

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Dec 30, 2004
    	logged bugs 367a and 367b
  2. obviously I wasn't thinking this morning. It's not 0.8.19 /…

    Brian Mastenbrook
    Brian Mastenbrook committed Dec 30, 2004
  3. PowerPC linkage tables (darwin only for now)

    Brian Mastenbrook
    Brian Mastenbrook committed Dec 30, 2004
       * Linkage tables are now implemented on PowerPC.
         Right now I've only enabled it on Darwin; to enable it on Linux,
    	 the addresses used for linkage table spaces would need to be tested.
       * Lazy foreign functions do not work correctly - the code expects the signal
         that occurs when jumping to a write-protected page to be the same as the
    	 signal that occurs when reading from one. On Darwin the former is SIGBUS
    	 and the latter is SIGSEGV; this means that the fault address testing does
    	 not work on Darwin.
Commits on Dec 28, 2004
  1. 0.8.18:

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed Dec 28, 2004
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_18
Commits on Dec 20, 2004
  1. "dlerror and a tale of woe"

    Brian Mastenbrook
    Brian Mastenbrook committed Dec 20, 2004
        Fix two bugs relating to dlerror() in the OS X dl* shim:
          * dlerror() should return NULL when there is no error
          * dlerror() should return an error when dlsym() returns NULL
        Also, fix a call to cerror with only one argument.
        Restores support for OS X 10.2 "Jaguar":
          * Use a header file with constants for the dl* shim instead of the
            OS dlfcn.h, which doesn't exist under 10.2 and does under 10.3
          * Include a fake nl_langinfo which returns a codeset of UTF-8 unless
            neither LC_CALL or LANG are set to C. OS X uses UTF-8 everywhere, so
            this is arguably the right behavior.
Commits on Dec 19, 2004

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Dec 19, 2004
            * Merged patch for the bug 348 by Gabor Melis.

    Alexey Dejneka
    Alexey Dejneka committed Dec 19, 2004
            * Merged sbcl-0-8-17-28-signed-modular branch.
Commits on Dec 9, 2004

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Dec 9, 2004
    	Oops.  Undo modular fixnum arithmetic changes from

    csrhodes committed Dec 9, 2004
    	Improve ENUM support a little.  (VJA sbcl-devel 2004-12-09)
    	... SB-ALIEN enums not limited to symbols any more;
    	... SB-GROVEL enum grovelation;
    	... tests (which pass despite the current, erm, suboptimality
    		of arithmetic :)

    csrhodes committed Dec 9, 2004
    	Fix from VJA (sbcl-devel 2004-12-09) for EXPORT
    	... actually give it the arguments it needs.
    	... write a test that doesn't actually test for the bug, but makes
    		me feel better anyway.
  4. Missing export & documentation updates

    nikodemus committed Dec 9, 2004
                * buglet reported by Raymond Wiker
                * typo reported by Devon McCullough
                * remove text saying LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT must be called
                   before loading the definitions
Commits on Dec 8, 2004

    Nathan Froyd
    Nathan Froyd committed Dec 8, 2004
    	Reinstate fixnum arithmetic when possible by defining modular
    	  arithmetic mechanisms for (UNSIGNED-BYTE 29)
    	... this feels like a big, ugly hack, since the compiler is
    	      (presumably) smart enough to do this when modular
    	      arithmetic was not present;
    	... move some EVAL-WHEN macros into a MACROLET while we're at it;
    	... builds and passes tests on x86/Linux; will probably build
    	      properly on other platforms, but will fail tests in
    	      (at least) tests/arith.pure.  These test failures seem
    	      harmless enough and will be fixed in another revision or
Commits on Dec 7, 2004

    csrhodes committed Dec 7, 2004
    	Fix for printing 1.0d+23.  Thinko in transcription, duly caught
    	by Raymond Toy (bug report cmucl-help 2004-12)