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Commits on Mar 19, 2003
  1. @telent

    telent committed
    	Update contrib/asdf to newer upstream version
    	... fix loopiness
    	... add test-op definitions
    	... quote evaluation of *central-registry* components to
      	    make it more useful when a core is dumped containing asdf
    	Rewrite asdf-using contrib makefiles to use common
    	... and their .asd files to define test-op
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Minor build fix for Solaris
    	... All diffs are not GNU, sadly :-(
Commits on Mar 17, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Install faster EQUAL on simple-bit-vectors
    	... word-at-a-time, not bit-at-a-time
    	Frobs for correctness
    	... much like one that was solved for, we must be
    		careful about identifying the last word of the bit vector,
    		particularly for bit-vectors whose length is divisible by
            	32^Wn-word-bits.  Less critical in this case, but we could
    		still be reading into random space, even if not writing.
    	Frobs for yet more speed
    	... allow CMUCL to optimize ASH, as long as none of the values
    		are in the danger zone.  Also reported the bug to CMUCL
    		people, and it is now fixed, so when all traces of 18d
    		are removed from this earth, the conditional in
    		ASH-DERIVE-TYPE-AUX can go too.
Commits on Mar 16, 2003
  1. @telent

    telent committed
    	Update contrib/asdf to newer upstream version
    	Add a 'make up' target to its Makefile so that this can be an
    	automatic operation in future
Commits on Mar 15, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Merge SXHASH improvements
    	... distribute (SXHASH <fixnum>) a little more widely over the
    		available space;
    	... make (SXHASH <bit-vector>) consider rather more than just
    		the first four bits.
    	Miscellaneous cleanups
    	... don't delete contrib's html documentation
    	... make vanilla modules depend on the (newly-built) sbcl.core
    	... some cleanups in snapshot/SB-SHOW logic
    	... quit from the low-level debugger now exits the process with
    		an error code (because, um, even getting to ldb is a
    		pretty serious error)
Commits on Mar 14, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Fix typo in new BOUNDP optimization in PCL (thanks to Tony
    		Martinez for spotting it)
    	... can't find a test case :-/
Commits on Mar 13, 2003

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            SBCL does not ignore type declarations for special
            variables. (reported by rif on c.l.l 2003-03-05)
Commits on Mar 12, 2003

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            Fixed bug reported by Rolf Wester on comp.lang.lisp:
            DEFPARAMETER and DEFVAR now always assign a dynamic variable.
Commits on Mar 11, 2003

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            * [N]REVERSE and NRECONC check properness of list arguments;
            * [P]SXHASH always consider NIL to be a symbol.
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Add forgotten generic/array.lisp holding definitions of (ARRAY
    		NIL) handling (thanks to APD for noting my oversight)
Commits on Mar 10, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
            Minor error fix, from Paul Dietz' suite
            ... if GETF and GET-PROPERTIES signal a error on malformed
    		property lists, then make it a type-error, not just a
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	The (ARRAY NIL) has landed.
    	... implement a SIMPLE-ARRAY-NIL primitive type, including in
    		garbage collection and (ROOM) logic;
    	... adjust implementation of array creation and reference to
    		deal with arrays that can't contain anything;
    	... (HAIRY-)DATA-VECTOR-REF are can no longer be FLUSHABLE;
Commits on Mar 8, 2003

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            Fixed APPEND.ERROR.1.
Commits on Mar 7, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Fix build problems for mips(el)
    	... include some of the structure files from genesis/*.h
    	... .cvsignore determine-endianness
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	contrib/ frobs
    	... install newer asdf, which fixes my stupid thinko for
    		.sbcl/systems (though in point of fact there would be
    		an argument, I think, for resolving
    		user-homedir-pathname/SBCL_HOME later than we are.
    	... apply KMR patches (sbcl-devel 2003-03-04) for sb-aclrepl
    		(and turn *CMD-CHAR* into *COMMAND-CHAR* in the process)
  3. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Merge mini backend-refactor, motivated by APD's
    	*CHECK-CONSISTENCY*/non-local-exit observations
    	... OAOOize MAKE-DYNAMIC-SPACE-TNS VM support routine
    	Also add tests for documentation in the presence of generalized
    	function names that should have been merged before but were
    	forgotten (sorry).
Commits on Mar 6, 2003

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            Disable checking of *xxx*-like lexical variable names in
            optional- and more-entries (see, e.g., bug 240).
Commits on Mar 5, 2003

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            On X86 fixed amount of space for saving dynamic state
            corresponding to removing of eval stack saving between
   and A similar patch probably should be
            applied for other platforms.

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            * New blocks are inserted into the end of component in the
              direct order;
            * TRANSFORM-CALL inserts new lambda immediately after the
            * MAKE-COMPONENT is a BOA-constructor.

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            * SIGNAL-BOUNDING-INDICES-BAD-ERROR accepts any bounding index
            * fixed CEILING optimization for a divisor of form 2^k.
Commits on Mar 4, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	RDY is a register/register instruction, not a register/immediate
    	... now disassembly works better
Commits on Mar 3, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Merge "type system insanity" (CSR sbcl-devel 2002-03-01)
    	... extend INVOKE-COMPLEX-SUBTYPEP-ARG1-METHOD to take return
    		values for the case that no next method is found
    	... define and use (once!) equivalent logic for COMPLEX-=
    	... be more uncertain on intersections of class types, since we
    		create them when we don't know enough to canonicalize
    	... various other cases demand more uncertainty, too (e.g.
    		intersections involving HAIRY-TYPEs)
    	No known failures inherent to the type system!

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            DEFINE-ALIEN-ROUTINE now fully declares result type.
Commits on Feb 28, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Fix the sparc build
    	... add some headers to some runtime files
    	... give COLLECT-GARBAGE its argument in lispland, too
    	Delete src/runtime/primitive-objects.h, as it's made by
    	genesis now
  2. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Fix some more type system stuff
    	... the NEGATION type method should test for TYPE=, not EQ, with
    	... install some hair to deal with more RATIONAL/INTEGER
    	(I can no longer construct an example that causes the type
    	system to get the answer wrong involving just INTEGER, RATIONAL,
    	AND, OR and NOT.  That's not to say that such an example doesn't
    	exist, only -- as Fermat didn't quite say -- that my brain is too
    	small to contain it)
Commits on Feb 27, 2003
  1. @csrhodes

    csrhodes committed
    	Fix really stupid bug in CONS :SIMPLE-UNION method
    	... don't mix the CDR type into the CAR type
    	While I'm there, make the CONS :SIMPLE-UNION method smarter
    	... canonicalize unions of (CONS A D) with (CONS A' D'), where
    	A subtypep A', to
    		(OR (CONS A (OR D D')) (CONS (AND A' (NOT A)) D'))
    	the point being that this is then in a form that can be	further
    	canonicalized when more CONS types come along. 	This fixes about
    	5 bugs from pfdietz's suite.
  2. @telent

    telent committed
    	Generate primitive-objects.h automaticslly, and move it into
    	genesis/ (CSR)
    	Fix typo(!) in gencgc.c that was stopping compilation
    	Remove linux-specific header files in same that were left over
    	from the thread branch
    	Delete some unused variables
  3. @telent

    telent committed
    	Committed patch for gencgc refactoring based on work done
    	on threads branch.
    	... to make header file management a lot simpler, and allow
    	the use of interesting typedefs in genesis :C-TYPE slot
    	options, we split runtime.h into lots of smaller files that
    	can be (semi-)independently included.
    	... all GC and GCish functions now have the same interface,
    	so no need for (eq *internal-gc* #'collect-garbage) test in
    	... current_region_end_addr and current_region_free_pointer
    	go away, eliminating potential for weird bugs when they're
    	not synchronized properly.  Yay OAOO
    	... disabled (actually, removed) inline allocation, as it
    	depended on old current_region_* (see above) and appears
    	to make not a lot of actual difference to run times anyway
    	pseudo-atomic support is now always compiled in.  I can see
    	no good reason for not having it
    	... much code in alloc() collapsed.  Also alloc() no longer
    	attempts to drop its PA and do a collection in the middle of
    	allocation - instead it uses the existing maybe_gc flag to
    	indicate that collection should happen when the allocation is
    	done.  Possibly this has bad effects when trying to allocate
    	an object bigger than available dynamic space, but that would
    	fit if a GC were done first.  Given the (complete lack of)
    	error handling for out-of-memory conditions in this and all
    	previous SBCL versions, it would be a foolish programmer who
    	was depending on this anyway, though.
Commits on Feb 26, 2003

    Alexey Dejneka committed
            Fix the bug 239.
  2. @telent

    telent committed
    	RUN-PROGRAM fixes: make the :pty option actually work (even on
    	other-than-BSD systems) and run-program.lisp rather shorter in
    	the process.
  3. @telent

    telent committed
    	Remove all #+mp/#-mp conditionals, and rid the world of the
    	SB!MP package
  4. @telent

    telent committed
    	Small refactor to OOAO-ize find-restart-or-lose
  5. 0.7.13:

    William Harold Newman committed
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_7_13
Commits on Feb 25, 2003

    William Harold Newman committed
    	new bug reports from Antonio Martinez
Commits on Feb 24, 2003
  1. @telent

    telent committed
    	Revert accidental bsd-sockets/solaris breakage
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