Commits on Apr 26, 2006
  1. 0.9.12:

    William Harold Newman committed Apr 26, 2006
    	release, will be tagged as sbcl_0_9_12
Commits on Apr 24, 2006

    csrhodes committed Apr 24, 2006
    	Bandage over the signal trampoline for sparc/linux.  (Builds and
    	builds itself once more -- first time since or so)
Commits on Apr 23, 2006

    rudi committed Apr 23, 2006
      Disable (non-working) stack guard page protection on win32
      ... No more VirtualProtect error 0x1e7
      ... thanks to Alastair Bridgewater and Yaroslav Kavenchuk
Commits on Apr 20, 2006

    csrhodes committed Apr 20, 2006
    	More intuitive FINALIZE-INHERITANCE behaviour
    	... the change for 0.9.11 fixing forward references and TYPEP
    		made finalize-inheritance call itself recursively on
    		subclasses.  This broke clg, which is now fixed, but
    	... might as well fix the odd behaviour, and add a test for it.

    csrhodes committed Apr 20, 2006
    	More upstream asdf fixes
    	... win32 support;
    	... more paranoid file-write-date usage

    csrhodes committed Apr 20, 2006
    	Fix bug reported by Levente Meszaros sbcl-devel 2004-04-19:
    	cache filling with negative offset.
    	... when precomputing cache contents, don't include classes with
    		invalid wrappers.
    	... irony of ironies: I'm pretty sure that there's a bug lurking
    		somewhere else in any case, because the problem was
    		being exhibited in the computation of a cache for
    		SLOT-BOUNDP-USING-CLASS, which doesn't (or shouldn't)
    		use a cacheing dfun, but instead has its own specialized
    		dfun which basically calls the boundp function from the
    		slot definition.  Hmm...
    	... comments and minor tidying in cache.lisp

    csrhodes committed Apr 20, 2006
    	Merge fix from upstream ASDF, keeping (for now) the local win32
    	modification which should have been sent upstream

    Alexey Dejneka committed Apr 20, 2006
            * Repair RUN-PROGRAM on Linux.
Commits on Apr 19, 2006
  1. constant folding

    nikodemus committed Apr 19, 2006
     * Out-of-line versions for %SIN, %COS, and %TAN.
  2. more RUN-PROGRAM support on Windows

    nikodemus committed Apr 19, 2006
     * PROCESS-STATUS updates the statuses of running processes on Window.
Commits on Apr 16, 2006

    Alexey Dejneka committed Apr 16, 2006
            * Fix MISC.555: remove a function from *FREE-FUNS* when it has
              only local calls.
            * Null :SLOT-NAMES argument of MAKE-LOAD-FORM-SAVING-SLOTS
              means no saved slots.
Commits on Apr 14, 2006

    Alexey Dejneka committed Apr 14, 2006
            * Fix MISC.367: when delaying IR1-conversion of an optional
              entry replace default value forms with their values.
  2. add support for IF in EVAL-IN-LEXENV

    nikodemus committed Apr 14, 2006
     I wonder why this wasn't here before?
  3. better package locking and more cleaning up after .31

    nikodemus committed Apr 14, 2006
     * package lock violations from lexical operations always cause
        runtime PROGRAM-ERRORs
     * better EXTRA_CFLAGS handling in SB-GROVEL

    jsnell committed Apr 14, 2006
    	Add support for sending data over UDP sockets to SB-BSD-SOCKETS
            (finally). Thanks to Far� for the patch.
  5. fix buglets introduced by .31 on non-Windows

    nikodemus committed Apr 14, 2006
     * If we want to delete a file we must have write-permissions...
     * ...elide empty environment-variable from gcc arguments in def-to-lisp.lisp

    jsnell committed Apr 14, 2006
             Treat TNs with no offset as deleted TNs when saving debug
             information. Fixes problem reported by NIIMI Satoshi
             (sbcl-devel "compilation error with optimization").
Commits on Apr 13, 2006
  1. misc win32 improvements

    nikodemus committed Apr 13, 2006
      * Check for correct "expand" in canonicalize-whitespace, and skip
         canonicalization if it doesn't seem right. (Windows "expand" is
         something quite different.)
      * RUN-PROGRAM now always returns a process structure, which reports
         the exit-code of the process when :WAIT was true. :WAIT nil
         process-structures still keep their :RUNNING status indefinitely
         on Windows, though.
      * FIND-EXECUTABLE-IN-SEARCH-PATH actually searches the path, and adds
         "exe" as :TYPE if :TYPE is missing on Windows.
      * ASDF:RUN-SHELL-COMMAND searches for Bourne-shell on Windows, as there
         is no default location.
      * SB-GROVEL directly runs gcc and the groveler instead of indirecting 
         via shell, and the groveler directly writes to the lisp-file instead
         of via stdout and shell redirection.
      * Hack SB-POSIX till it builds and passes all applicable tests on Windows. 
         Mostly this involved plenty of #-win32, but a few tests needed to
         be adjusted for the delication Microsoft constitution.
      * Implement COPY-STREAM in ASDF-INSTALL so that it doesn't have to
         depend on SB-EXECUTABLE.
      * Take the .exe suffix into account when installing over an old SBCL
         on MSYS.
      * Adjust UNPARSE-NATIVE-WIN32-NAMESTRING slightly: Windows OS functions
         like stat don't like to have directory names ending with a slash.
    This is good enough to run unpatched Slime with *COMMUNICATION-STYLE*
    NIL, and build & pass tests with all contribs except SB-SIMPLE-STREAMS.
Commits on Apr 11, 2006

    jsnell committed Apr 11, 2006
            Add Solaris 11 (Solaris Express) support.

    antifuchs committed Apr 11, 2006
    	Don't ignore reader-package-error in #+ and #- feature expressions.

    jsnell committed Apr 11, 2006
    	* Support SETF function names in SB-INTROSPECT:FUNCTION-ARGLIST.
              (Patch by Todd Mokros on sbcl-devel)
            * Minor performance improvement in the x86-64 assembler. (Patch
              by Lutz Euler on sbcl-devel)
            * Add a recursive TRACE :ENCAPSULATE NIL (supposed to be part
              of a recent Solaris/x86 commit, but somehow didn't make it
            * Add a failing FILE-POSITION test on utf-8 streams. (Reported
              by Lutz Euler)
Commits on Apr 10, 2006

    Gabor Melis committed Apr 10, 2006
      * ignore SIGPIPE: it's better to handle the errno of write (2)
Commits on Apr 9, 2006

    Nathan Froyd committed Apr 9, 2006
    	... slightly smaller (ASH <fixnum> <constant>) => <fixnum> VOP on
    	    the x86.

    Nathan Froyd committed Apr 9, 2006
    	Make MAP-INTO and MAP with vectors slightly more efficient.
    	... use #'>= rather than #'= in BUILD-SEQUENCE-ITERATOR so the
    	    compiler can avoid a bounds check on INDEX (see also
    	    OPTIMIZATIONS, #16).
Commits on Apr 8, 2006

    Nathan Froyd committed Apr 8, 2006
    	Fix LOGBITP bug reported by James Knight, sbcl-devel 24 March 2006,
    	... *sigh* one of these days, all the x86 LOGBITP bugs will be gone.
Commits on Apr 7, 2006

    jsnell committed Apr 7, 2006
            Oops. Realize why the single-stepping code deleted in .20 was actually
            necessary after all. Restore most of it, add a test, and fix the
            original problem (extra trace traps on Solaris) by munging the
            processor's single-step flag in a different way.

    Gabor Melis committed Apr 7, 2006
      * fixed type derivation of float boundaries from numbers outside the
        appropriate float range

    jsnell committed Apr 7, 2006
            Merge sbcl-devel "Subject: patch for linux/ppc"
            from Rex Dieter.

    jsnell committed Apr 7, 2006
            Add tests for a couple of (unfixed) bugs (reported by James
            Knight and John Wiseman)

    jsnell committed Apr 7, 2006
            Make the test suite pass on Solaris/x86.
            * Fix a number of bashisms in test/*.sh
    	* :ENCAPSULATE NIL tracing:
              ... In the breakpoint handling internals use the signal context
                  FP/PC directly to construct the frame, instead of walking through
                  the backtrace until a matching frame is found.
              ... Kill the single-stepper remains in x86(-64)-arch.c. Turning
                  on processor single-stepping with signal context frobbing
                  was causing extra trace traps, and the code for handling those
                  was presumably already lost a long time ago.
            * Floating point exception handling:
              ... Define os_context_fp_control, and use it instead of the stub
                  implementation in x86-vm.lisp.
            * Mark the usual backtrace tests as expected to fail on this OS too

    csrhodes committed Apr 7, 2006
    	After Gary King (sbcl-devel 2006-04-06), improve DOCUMENTATION
    	on condition classes.
    	... also improve the 'STRUCTURE doc-type.
    	... tests.

    rudi committed Apr 7, 2006
      Merge patch "Backtrace on Win32" (sbcl-devel 2006-01-14) (Alastair
Commits on Apr 6, 2006

    csrhodes committed Apr 6, 2006
    	Fix for VECTOR-T-P (bug reported by Utz-Uwe Haus sbcl-devel
    	... add test cases.
    	... also much whitespaceification, apparently.
Commits on Apr 5, 2006

    Nathan Froyd committed Apr 5, 2006
    	Restore annotation of calls to assembly routines in disassemblies.

    rudi committed Apr 5, 2006
        Add forgotten files for win32 socket support (sigh)