Commits on May 25, 2003
  1. 0.8.0:

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed May 25, 2003
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_0
Commits on May 22, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.45:

    csrhodes committed May 22, 2003
    	Fix profiler bug reported by APD sbcl-devel 2003-05-21:
    	... update *N-BYTES-FREED-OR-PURIFIED* in SUB-GC;
    	... add a smoke test.
    	Increment FASL file version number due to change in
  2. 0.8alpha.0.44:

    kevinrosenberg committed May 22, 2003
        sb-aclrepl/inspect.lisp: Change usage of dsd-%name to dsd-name
Commits on May 20, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.43:

    kevinrosenberg committed May 20, 2003
           Rework newline handling to ensure a fresh line
           Correct README file
  2. 0.8alpha.0.42:

    csrhodes committed May 20, 2003
    	improvements to sb-simple-streams contrib (from Rudi Schlatte)
    	... don't spam *features* anymore
    	... writes of large chunks of data work now, instead of
    		failing silently
  3. 0.8alpha.0.41:

    csrhodes committed May 20, 2003
    	Firefighting the build, part II
    	... remove DSD-%NAME optimization, in the interest of making
    		a more reliable operation.
    	... now the name of the slot is the symbol in the DEFSTRUCT
    		form, as expected; also, now the CL package is pristine,
    		containing only the 978 exported symbols.
    	Essentially this version has built from CMUCL and built itself
  4. 0.8alpha.0.40:

    csrhodes committed May 20, 2003
    	Firefighting the build, part I
    	... make SLOT-VALUE work on :READ-ONLY T structure slots
    	* This version may have a subtle breakage that may or may not
    	bite.  The forthcoming 0.8alpha.0.41 commit will fix that
    	subtle breakage, but it was fixed chronologically before in my
    	tree, so I haven't taken out that fix to test this one in
    	isolation.  I hope that makes sense...)
    	* The new implementation of MAKE-LOAD-FORM-SAVING-SLOTS seems
    	very slow; this may be a perceptual problem.  What is
    	incontrovertible is that it is very noisy; it chatters about
    	compiling many top-level forms, caused by PCL generating
    	A fix for this, at least for structure objects, will probably be
    	forthcoming in 0.8alpha.0.4x.
Commits on May 19, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.39:

    csrhodes committed May 19, 2003
    	A couple more CLOS fixes:
    	... make &OPTIONAL argument count checking less lax in methods
    		(caught by pfdietz' MAKE-LOAD-FORM.ERROR.2)
    		DEFGENERIC options do sanity checking on their arguments
    		(:A-P-O caught by pfdietz' suite; :M-C
    		checking defensively installed :-)
  2. 0.8alpha.0.38:

    csrhodes committed May 19, 2003
    	Slight change to REQUIRE/PROVIDE protocol
    	... as observed by Tony Martinez sbcl-devel 2003-05-13, REQUIRE
    		takes a string designator, so allow this
    	... update to latest ASDF, which changes the asdf hook slightly
    		such that individual modules are required (ha!) to
    		PROVIDE themselves; make it so.
  3. 0.8alpha.0.37:

    csrhodes committed May 19, 2003
    	Make MAKE-LOAD-FORM(-SAVING-SLOTS) vaguely conform
    	... and in the process, remind myself of just how horrible the
    		:JUST-DUMP-IT-NORMALLY hack was.
    	... more methods on MAKE-LOAD-FORM;
    	... real, CLOS-based introspective definition of
    	... which means that we have to hold off from using MLFSS until
    		it's around, so make JUST-DUMP-IT-NORMALLY use
    		:SB-JUST-DUMP-IT-NORMALLY rather than MLFSS in its
    		definition for the target.
    	Fix the type.impure.lisp test for the new definition of
    	condition classes (oops).
  4. 0.8alpha.0.36:

    csrhodes committed May 19, 2003
    	A little tender loving care, applied to conditions:
    	... make the implementation of DEFINE-CONDITION agree with the
    		documentation string: allow :DOCUMENTATION slot options
    		to work.
    	... ANSI (and pfdietz :-) wants SLOT-EXISTS-P to work on
    		conditions; hook condition objects into CLOS enough to
    		talk about existence of slots: (new classes
    	... it's a bit ridiculous to have SLOT-EXISTS-P working on
    		conditions, and then not be able to do SLOT-VALUE, so
    		do the work necessary to make CONDITION objects
    		more-or-less fully understood by PCL: (new methods on
    		and friends; new clauses in internal functions such as
    		adjustment of the braid to set up CLOS knowledge of the
    		new class hierarchy).
Commits on May 18, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.35:

    csrhodes committed May 18, 2003
    	Commit patch from Rudi Schlatte for sb-simple-streams contrib
    	... add TODO
    	... implement socket streams (using sb-bsd-sockets)
    	... (frob by CSR: don't fail if we get a connection refused)
  2. 0.8alpha.0.34:

    csrhodes committed May 18, 2003
    	Make ALLOCATE-INSTANCE work on all structure classes
    	... if we're defined by a DEFSTRUCT, then make a closure to
    		allocate an instance.
Commits on May 16, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.33:

    csrhodes committed May 16, 2003
    	Add one more contrib
    	... SB-MD5, based on Pierre Mai's highly-frobbed implementation of
    	... a couple of cosmetic changes to rotate-byte to accommodate the
    		demands of code that wants to use it.
  2. 0.8alpha.0.32:

    csrhodes committed May 16, 2003
    	Improvements in build technology:
    	... detect and choose GNUMAKE earlier, once and only once.
    	... provide recompile and use-anyway restarts for warm load.
Commits on May 15, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.31:

    kevinrosenberg committed May 15, 2003
        * sb-aclrepl/sb-aclrepl.asd: Remove compilation note workaround
        * sb-aclrepl/repl.lisp: add a few needed newlines to output
  2. 0.8alpha.0.30:

    csrhodes committed May 15, 2003
    	Bandage over compiler overenthusiasm for EQL-specialized methods
    	... reduction in annoyance for contrib/ users probably more
    		important than informing developers that they should
    		be using EQL on SINGLE-FLOAT, not T, for best
Commits on May 14, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.29:

    csrhodes committed May 14, 2003
    	A couple of extremely minor fixes
    	... "oops" in type declaration in %DEFUN
    	... fix KLUDGE in IMMEDIATE-CONSTANT-SC for x86, and allow (in
    		principle) building from lisps with larger
    		MOST-POSITIVE-FIXNUM as well as smaller.
Commits on May 13, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.28:

    csrhodes committed May 13, 2003
    	Fix bug 47d (DEFGENERIC must signal PROGRAM-ERROR when
    	attempting to create a generic function with the same name as a
    	special operator).
    	... sounds easy, huh?  No.
    	... make COMPILER-ERROR not inherit from ERROR any more, so that
    		user handlers don't (wrongly) claim to handle it;
    	... establish a handler for COMPILER-ERROR around the evaluator
    		that delegates to the compiler handlers if present, but
    		handles them itself if not...
    	... by signalling an error from a new internal restart, to allow
    		user handlers for ERROR and friends a chance to run.
  2. 0.8alpha.0.27:

    csrhodes committed May 13, 2003
    	Add skeletal simple-streams contrib from Rudi Schlatte, based on Paul
    	Foley's implementation for CMUCL.
Commits on May 12, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.26:

    kevinrosenberg committed May 12, 2003
         * sb-contrib/sb-aclrepl.asd:
             - Remove work-around for optimization notes
         * sb-contrib/{toplevel,repl}.lisp:
             - Rework fresh-line handling to accomodate that *repl-read-fun* causes
            a newline of which the output-stream is unaware.
  2. 0.8alpha.0.25:

    csrhodes committed May 12, 2003
    	A couple of PCL fixes:
    	... REMOVE-METHOD should always return its generic function
    		argument.  Make it so.
    	... SHARED-INITIALIZE should initialize :CLASS slots too.
  3. 0.8alpha.0.24:

    kevinrosenberg committed May 12, 2003
       * sb-aclrepl/sb-aclrepl.asd:
            - Work around 'eql method specialization optimization notes
       * sb-aclrepl:repl.lisp:
            - Refactor read-cmd into small functions
            - Add relative history numbers, eg, `:-2'
            - Add history pattern match search, eg, `::foo'
            - Add optional redo query to history command, eg, `:24 ?'
Commits on May 9, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.23:

    csrhodes committed May 9, 2003
    	Fix a couple of the CLOS bugs that have been accumulating:
    	... make :ALLOCATION :CLASS slots behave as they should in slot
    		inheritance and class redefinition.
    	Slightly unKLUDGEify the %SET-SYMBOL-VALUE implementation
    	... do it the same way whether building with #!+SB-THREAD or
    		not, so at least it's ugly once and only once.
Commits on May 8, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.22

    telent committed May 8, 2003
    	SB-GROVEL-related changes
    	... make sb-bsd-sockets use it
    	... which involved restoring size-of-{int,char,long} constants
    	When building contrib, reset the central-registry to avoid
    	picking up any code from e.g. ~/.sbcl/systems/
  2. 0.8alpha.0.21:

    csrhodes committed May 8, 2003
    	The "uh, I thought we had users beta-testing for us" release:
    	Make SETQ on globals return a value (and IN-PACKAGE, and ...)
    	... the SET VOP and the %SET-SYMBOL-VALUE IR2 thingy are
    		different, so one shouldn't translate the other;
    	... instead, create an IR2 translator for %SET-SYMBOL-VALUE by
    		hand, mimicking the effect of :SET-TRANS in
    	... this removes the need for late-symbol.lisp, so delete it.
    	While we're in a deleting mood...
    	... delete src/pcl/fast-init.lisp, which hasn't been part of the
    		build for the last 5 months or so.
  3. 0.8alpha.0.20:

    csrhodes committed May 8, 2003
    	Make OpenMCL a suitable slamming host:
    	... fix
    	... :if-exists :supersede for *output-files-for-genesis*
    	Since OpenMCL builds still work, announce clisp as a suitable host
    	for the cross-compiler.
  4. 0.8alpha.0.19

    telent committed May 8, 2003
    	We're not using ALTERNATE-SIGNAL-STACK-START, and in fact
    	haven't been for some time.  Remove it.
  5. 0.8alpha.0.18:

    csrhodes committed May 8, 2003
    	Some minor package alterations:
    	... along with new *{BINDING,CONTROL}-STACK-FOO* to replace old
    		non-asterisked versions;
    	make CONTROL-STACK-POINTER-VALID-P not style-warn on each use.
Commits on May 7, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.17

    telent committed May 7, 2003
    	Package frobbing fix from Matthew Danish to make sb-thread
    	build again
    	Save errno return from waitpid long enough to print the error,
    	as the real errno is clobbered by parent_do_garbage_collect()
  2. 0.8alpha.0.16:

    csrhodes committed May 7, 2003
    	Fix for SXHASH on condition objects
    	... was causing compilation failures when referencing explicit
    		constant conditions
  3. 0.8alpha.0.15:

    William Harold Newman
    William Harold Newman committed May 7, 2003
    	broke some long lines
    	merged Matthew Danish's slam-on-clisp patch from sbcl-devel
Commits on May 5, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0.14

    telent committed May 5, 2003
    	Merge thread-gc-branch.
    	Summary: move time-to-gc-p logic entirely into C.  Delete a
    	lot of Lisp stuff no longer necessary.  Make SUB-GC
    	thread-safe or at least thread-tolerant.  Some hooks and
    	variables that were previously available but not apparently
    	used for much are now no longer present.
  2. 0.8alpha.0.13:

    csrhodes committed May 5, 2003
    	(oops: add file needed from last commit)
  3. 0.8alpha.0.13:

    csrhodes committed May 5, 2003
    	CLISP build megapatch
    	... mostly putting #-SB-XC in front of :COMPILE-TOPLEVEL,
    		because clisp gives a full warning for function and
    		macro redefinition;
    	... workaround clisp's buggy pretty printer by not exercising it
    		as much: use (INHIBIT-WARNINGS 3);
    	... explicit :INITIAL-ELEMENT 0 when we're using 0 to mean
    		"uninitialized" in MAKE-ARRAY;
    	... SPECIAL-OPERATOR-P isn't a good test on the host for what
    		can become a target macro;
    	... slightly more portable floating point logic:
    		Explicitly set *READ-DEFAULT-FLOAT-FORMAT* so that we
    			don't create host LONG-FLOATs by accident;
    		LOAD-TIME-VALUE magic for negative floating point zeros;
    	Minor associated text file frobbage
    	... braindump some unrelated TODO items
    	Obligatory runtime code improvement
    	... fix one warning in gencgc.h