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tag: sbcl_0_8_13

Jul 25, 2004

  1. 0.8.13:

    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_13
  2. Andreas Fuchs

    	Really return the host-ent's address in sb-bsd-sockets::make-host-ent
  3. Andreas Fuchs

    	Various rather urgent sb-grovel and sb-bsd-sockets fixes.
    	* sb-grovel uses WITH-ALIEN now for the WITH-* macros,
    	  to allow use of SB-ALIEN:ADDR on variables allocated that way.
    	* sb-bsd-sockets: name-service code now return addresses as vectors
    	* sb-bsd-sockets: fix socket-receive into relative workingness
    	  again: use (deref (deref array) i) instead of (deref array i);
    	  type-convert the results
  4. Nikodemus Siivola Increment +FASL-FILE-VERSION+ due to changed %DEFPACKAGE

               signature (change happened with package-locks).

Jul 23, 2004


    	reduced (ROOM T) functionality down to just (ROOM),
    		since (ROOM T) is flaky on my machine again and
    		I don't know how to fix it
    	logged the problem in BUGS

Jul 22, 2004

  1. Andreas Fuchs

    	Make socket-receive allocate a buffer if it's passed a length arg.
    	Reported on CLL by Miguel Arroz; I removed that bit of code in .10
    	and forgot to put it back in.
  2. Christophe Rhodes

    	Various fixes from Vincent Arkesteijn
    	... just text fixes for now
  3. Nikodemus Siivola MORE CORRECT ENGLISH

                * Fix a trivaial typo.
                * Grammar fix grammar.

Jul 20, 2004

  1. Daniel Barlow

    	Update NEWS to note threading stability improvement
  2. Andreas Fuchs

    	Really fix the sb-posix opendir test case this time.
    	I swear, this is my last SBCL commit tonight.
  3. Andreas Fuchs

    	Fix a file descriptor leak in sb-posix's opendir test
  4. Andreas Fuchs

    	Fix sb-posix:readdir for the new sb-grovel types
    	* readdir now returns a (* dirent), as reflected by reality
    	* Add test cases for readdir and opendir, too
  5. Andreas Fuchs

    	Make SBCL build on x86/BSD again.
  6. Christophe Rhodes

    	Fixed build on unithread
    	... someone had better check that I haven't broken it on
    		threads now...

Jul 19, 2004

  1. Daniel Barlow

             Fix the threading problems revealed by Edi's CL-PPCRE tests ...
    	 If target-arch.h is included before genesis/config.h, some
             runtime files with inline expansion of get_spinlock get the
             wrong version
    	 Significantly change handling of thread exit: the
             SIG_THREAD_EXIT handler just makes th->state=STATE_DEAD, does
             not do all_threads surgery, does not call Lisp code and is no
             longer deferrable, eliminating a problem where threads die at
             the start of GC and become zombified so cannot be stopped for
    	 Instead we call thread exit handlers from reap_dead_threads(),
             necessitating further changes in HANDLE-THREAD-EXIT, as it
    	 can now be called from threads other than the parent of the
    	 dead one
             stop_the_world doesn't actually need to hold
             all_threads_lock(), as it doesn't modify the all_threads
             list.  Likewise sig_stop_for_gc_handler(), which means the
             sched_yield() kludge can go away
  2. Christophe Rhodes

    	Update asdf from the cclan upstream
    	... also adjust the up target, since SF changed their nameserver
    		such that the old version didn't work.
  3. Andreas Fuchs

    	Fix SB-GROVEL to make less catastrophic types
    	Thanks to Christophe for most (in fact, all except 2) of these
    	* Make sb-grovel's compile failures a bit clearer: There are now
    	  separate conditions for c-compile-failed, a-dot-out-failed, and
    	  the normal lisp compile/load failures.
    	* don't use gensym for structure member names; This confused the
    	  environment horribly.
    	* make identity-1 a macro so that its uses get optimized away.
    	  As a result,
    	* sb-bsd-sockets::make-host-ent doesn't throw a compiler optimization
    	  note on run time any more.
    	* sb-grovel doesn't lie about vector types on array structure fields'
    	  SETF accessor any more. As a result, no more type error warnings on
    	  constants.lisp-temp compilation any more!
    	* sb-bsd-sockets' getprotobyname alien function accepts a
    	  (* protoent) structure now.
    	* export error-component and error-operation from asdf.lisp
  4. Andreas Fuchs

    	Add a FATAL-COMPILER-ERROR to indicate fatal file compiler errors.
    	This is a change to make SLIME handle READ errors on file compilation
    	* export a FATAL-COMPILER-ERROR
    	* Make input-error-in-compile-file inherit from that.
    	* re-signal the FATAL-COMPILER-ERROR condition from sub-compile-file
    	  so that SLIME has a remote chance of noticing what is going on
  5. Andreas Fuchs

    	Deprecate LOAD-FOREIGN and LOAD-1-FOREIGN for good.
    	Couldn't think of a witty tagline for that change, sorry.
    	* Deprecate LOAD-FOREIGN and LOAD-1-FOREIGN
    	* Add LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT as a LOAD-1-FOREIGN replacement
     	* Fix the test cases to use LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT
    	* Fix the manual
    	* Grovel dlopen constants via grovel-headers.c
    	* In the process, delete quite a number of TODO:s and FIXME:s
  6. Christophe Rhodes

    	Fix for Fedora Core 2 from Juho Snellman
    	... <linux/unistd.h>, not <asm/unistd.h>
    	... also include test for bad scaling in threads/GC

Jul 16, 2004

  1. Christophe Rhodes

    	Commit patch from Juho Snellman (sbcl-devel 2004-07-16) for poor
    	performance characteristics in sig_stop_for_gc_handler.
    	... maybe a spinlock isn't right?  Maybe we should have a
    		yielding_spinlock?  Maybe we should have a different
    		spinlock implementation for SMP?
    	... in any case, performance now should be better for GCing when
    		more than two threads are around.

Jul 15, 2004

  1. Christophe Rhodes

    	Possibly pointless micro-optimization for SXHASH
    	... type tests for CONS are more expensive than type tests for
    		LIST.  Distinguish between CONS and LIST manually, then,
    		so that we can return the right answer more quickly for
    	... exposes a bug in the cross-compiler: SXHASH is most
    		definitely not constant-foldable there.
    	... be even more paranoid about SXHASH/PSXHASH testing

Jul 14, 2004

  1. Christophe Rhodes

    	Make more types known to the cross-compiler at birth
    	... mostly s/defstruct/def!struct/ and s/deftype/def!type/ on a
    		few choice-chosen forms (revealed by sprof)
    	... maybe the compiler is slightly faster now
  2. Christophe Rhodes

    	Minor adjustment to BIT, SBIT source transforms
    	... assert the dimensionality of the bit array based on the
    		number of arguments in the call;
    	... note potential for further optimization in OPTIMIZATIONS
  3. Nikodemus Siivola Fix the performance degradation in DEFCLASS caused

               by package locks.
                * While at it, correct WITHOUT-PACKAGE-LOCKS to
                    have identical semantics both with and without
                    :SB-PACKAGE-LOCKS in features.
                * Yay for Boinkmarks for catching this.
  4. Christophe Rhodes

    	Fix bug 269 (also rediscovered by Peter Seibel on
    	... SCALE-FLOAT scales floats by integers, not just
    	... write code to minimize generic calls, not that I think
    		SCALE-FLOAT is likely to be on many critical paths;
    	... tests

Jul 13, 2004

  1. Christophe Rhodes

    	Build with :sb-package-locks by default
    	... explain potential workaround for unexpected problems in
    		NEWS, and also trail the likely removal of workaround
    		possibilities in the near future.

Jul 12, 2004

  1. Christophe Rhodes

    	Fixes for the CTOR optimization in the presence of:
    	... non-standard :allocation in effective slots: disable the
    	... extra possibly-applicable methods on slot-boundp-using-class
    		or slot-value-using-class: disable the optimization, and
    		reset for every add or remove method on those two gfs
    	... tests
  2. Christophe Rhodes

    	Better error messages for when the MOP instance structure
    	protocol is violated (e.g. by the user defining a class with
    	slots with non-standard :allocation, but no methods to go with
    	... new :amop reference source;
    	... new instance-structure-protocol-error condition.  Should
    		probably eventually become a subclass of MOP-ERROR, once
    		we start accumulating those;
    	... move implementation of slot-valueish logic around a little
    		to support these better error messages.
    	(the ctor.lisp optimization is broken in the presence of
    	non-standard slot allocation, and also in the presence of
    	auxiliary methods on slot-value-using-classish generic
    	functions.  Working on it...)

Jul 09, 2004

  1. Christophe Rhodes

    	I WIN!
    	... fix for multiple bugs with SLOT-DEFINITION-ALLOCATION not
    		being :INSTANCE or :CLASS:
    	... step 1: don't assert that it must be;
    	... step 2: handle a NULL location when generating optimized
    		accessors, returning a function that calls ERROR.
    	... add a slightly-reworked test from AMOP (mostly the rework is
    		because at that stage in AMOP we're still in closette,
    		not the full MOP)

Jul 08, 2004

  1. Nikodemus Siivola 99 bugs in SB-PCL, take one down, pass it around...

               * Fixed #167: illegal syntax in method bodies now signals a
                   more informative error.
               * No test, tough, since it would be horribly brittle for very
                   little actual gain.

Jul 07, 2004

  1. Christophe Rhodes

    	Log some bugs that I'm really not making any headway at all on

Jul 05, 2004

  1. Nikodemus Siivola Stomping on a PCL buglet

                * Initialization of condition class metaobjects no longer
                    creates an instance of the condition. (reported by
                    Marco Baringer on sbcl-devel 2004-07-05)
                * Test for the same.
  2. Nikodemus Siivola Signs of mellowing out in SBCL? Reversed NEWS file

               to lastest-first order, and moved planned changes bit
               to TODO.
  3. Nikodemus Siivola Minor changes to make SBCL build itself cleanly with

               package locks enabled.
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