Commits on Mar 27, 2005
  1. 0.8.21:

    William Harold Newman committed Mar 27, 2005
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_21
Commits on Mar 22, 2005

    jsnell committed Mar 22, 2005
    	Has it been a month already? Bump +FASL-FILE-VERSION+. Reasons:
            * " Make FILE-STREAM and STRING-STREAM potential mixins
               in CLOS"
            * " Add immediate single-floats on x86-64."
            * Probably others...
            Restore a modified version of the "slightly odd-looking stuff"
            that was removed in It's there because the arch name
            is "x86-64" but the config file suffix is "x86_64-linux".

    telent committed Mar 22, 2005
    	Slightly nicer behaviour on non-NPTL systems makes it possible
    	to use thread-enabled binaries in thread-unfriendly environments again
    	- but a warning is issued at startup and MAKE-THREAD signals an error
    	Remove some slightly odd-looking stuff in once
    	again it is possible to "SBCL_ARCH=x86 sh" on an x86-64

    telent committed Mar 22, 2005
    	Merge SB-FUTEX and SB-THREAD: the latter now requires the
    	former.  SBCL threads now require Linux kernel 2.6, or an NPTL
    	backport to 2.4 such as the Red Hat one
    	Lock/unlock functions take long (not int) as arguments: this makes
    	a difference on 64 bit ports (or would do if we had threading support
    	on either of them)
Commits on Mar 20, 2005
  1. pretty backtraces with unavailable arguments & lambda-lists

    nikodemus committed Mar 20, 2005
                 * fix issue reported by Juho Snellman on sbcl-devel 2005-03-18,
                    and some related problems.
                 * minor combinatorial explosion in debug.impure.lisp; most
                    tests still skipped on x86/linux :/
Commits on Mar 17, 2005

    jsnell committed Mar 17, 2005
    	Fix x86-64 backend bugs found using Paul Dietz's random tester.
            * Sign-extension in constant LOGAND, + and TRUNCATE VOPs.
            * Sign-extension of literal (unsigned-byte 32) passed as
              arguments on the stack.
            Fix handling of :START1 and :START2 in the string comparison
            deftransforms on simple-base-strings (ansi-tests MISC.572/573/574).
            Minor cleanup: Use the already defined *cache-expand-threshold*
            instead of magic numbers in pcl/cache.lisp.
Commits on Mar 16, 2005

    csrhodes committed Mar 16, 2005
    	Fix MAKE-PACKAGE.ERROR.[34] (PFD ansi-tests, exposed by removal
    	of the TOPLEVEL restart)

    csrhodes committed Mar 16, 2005
    	Improve sb-simple-streams's dependency information (problem
    	noted by VJA sbcl-devel)

    csrhodes committed Mar 16, 2005
    	One more immediate-single-float fix
    	... update search_space().
Commits on Mar 15, 2005

    jsnell committed Mar 15, 2005
    	Fix some GC problems introduced in the x86-64 immediate single-floats
            * Make gencgc understand immediate single-floats too.
            * Fix typo in purify.
            Test changes:
            * Don't test floating-point overflow detection on x86-64, add
              a BUGS entry.
            * Change #-(x86 linux) to #-(and x86 linux) in debug.impure.lisp.

    antifuchs committed Mar 15, 2005
            Fix MEMORY_FAULT_ERROR invocations in bsd-os.c.
            SBCL now builds on FreeBSD again.
Commits on Mar 14, 2005

    jsnell committed Mar 14, 2005
    	Add immediate single-floats on x86-64. The implementation is
            conditionalized on (= SB!VM:N-WORD-BITS 64), so the following
            bits need to be done for the 64-bit Alpha port too:
            * Add some new type-test generators (%TEST-FIXNUM-AND-IMMEDIATE,
            * Modify single-float move-vops and SINGLE-FLOAT-BITS.

    csrhodes committed Mar 14, 2005
    	Fix handling of SIG_MEMORY_FAULT in the (conceptual)
    	interrupt_handle_now() case -- arrange_return_to_lisp_function()
    	to MEMORY_FAULT_ERROR instead, for x86(-64).  (I hope I
    	haven't broken anything on other architectures... please check!)
    	... also log problem with reporting the error in BUGS
Commits on Mar 13, 2005

    csrhodes committed Mar 13, 2005
    	Merge sb-introspect improvements from Luke Gorrie (sbcl-devel
    	"Re: definition-source-created in sb-introspect.lisp"
Commits on Mar 11, 2005
  1. x86 --> (and x86 linux)

    nikodemus committed Mar 11, 2005
               "Mature debugger function looking for love; WLTM a serious hacker
               to share my kinks with. ``It's what's inside that counts.'' Rpl 2
               SBCL CVS, X86-CALL-CONTEXT"

    William Harold Newman committed Mar 11, 2005
    	suppressed a VERIFY-BACKTRACE test, because it seems to be
    		broken independent of the haiblefixes I'm merging
    	merged various fixes from Bruno Haible sbcl-devel 2005-03-10.
    		(Note that some can't be properly exercised w/out a
    		Mac or CLISP, but since they were self-evidently broken
    		before (e.g., #+DARWIN or SUBTYPEP where only #!+DARWIN
                    or SB!XC:SUBTYPEP makes sense), I merged them on the
    		theory that it can't be making things fundamentally
    	(+ unrelated .cvsignore tweaks to reduce general CVS nagging)

    bdowning committed Mar 11, 2005
    	Fixed cross-compilation problems to and from Darwin/PPC.
    	* #+darwin changed to #!+darwin before linkage-table constants
    	  in src/compiler/ppc/parms.lisp
Commits on Mar 10, 2005
  1. remove TOPLEVEL restart

    nikodemus committed Mar 10, 2005
                * add TOPLEVEL/TOP debugger command for convenience, making
                   it return to the top level.
                * use the gained screen real-estate to insert an empty
                   line between restarts and the first frame.

    jsnell committed Mar 10, 2005
    	A rewrite of the x86-64 disassembler infrastructure for better
            handling of operand sizes and register widths (patch by Lutz Euler,
            sbcl-devel/"Improving the x86-64 disassembler" on 2005-03-06).
Commits on Mar 9, 2005
  1. policy control, the uncontroversial parts

    nikodemus committed Mar 9, 2005
                * get rid of MAKE-NULL-INTERACTIVE-LEXENV
                * use READ & EVAL to process initialization files
                * more restarts available during initialization file and
                   --eval option processing (CONTINUE is "skip to next
                   form / option, ABORT is "skip this initialization file / all
                   --eval options".)

    Alexey Dejneka committed Mar 9, 2005
            * Fix bug, reported by David Tolpin on c.l.l: LOAD should bind
              *LOAD-PATHNAME* to the merged pathname.
Commits on Mar 8, 2005

    csrhodes committed Mar 8, 2005
    	Fix ctor/package deletion problems (Tim Daly sbcl-help 2005-03)
Commits on Mar 7, 2005

    rudi committed Mar 7, 2005
    Fix sb-simple-streams; all tests pass again:
      * Test that clear-input can be called without errors but don't make
        assumptions about the stream state afterwards
      * Fix some LISTEN failures (simple-stream encapsulated in a two-way
        stream, incorrect assumptions about return value of
        stream-misc-dispatch :listen)

    Alexey Dejneka committed Mar 7, 2005
            * Disable backtrace checking on (and x86 linux).
            * Describe bugs MISC.555 and MISC.563.
            * Define out-of-line %ATAN2 on x86 (fix MISC.564).
Commits on Mar 6, 2005

    Alexey Dejneka committed Mar 6, 2005
            While we are discussing SB-WALKER, bug 276 has risen again:
            * fix a case with M-V-SETQ;
            * record a problem with global variables.
Commits on Mar 3, 2005

    csrhodes committed Mar 3, 2005
    	Make FILE-STREAM and STRING-STREAM potential mixins in CLOS
    	(... and also, hackily, into structures.)
    	... adjust FD-STREAM, and the various ANSI string streams.
    	... sb-simple-streams can now make file-simple-stream and
    		string-simple-stream subclasses (and hence subtypep)
    		the relevant mixin.
    	Caveat downloader I: This merge includes David Lichteblau's
    	sb-simple-streams test suite extension, from which seven tests
    	Caveat downloader II: debug.impure.lisp is failing for me on
    	x86/Linux.  I'm pretty sure this is not my fault -- I blame the
    	debugger restructuring -- but it could be anyway.
    	Caveat user: Bad Things happen if you try to mix both string-stream
    	and file-stream into the same subclass.  Don't Do It.
  2. Candidate for minor bug fix of the year:

    Brian Mastenbrook committed Mar 3, 2005
              * (funcall (compile nil '(lambda () (typep t '(member t nil))))) => T, not (T)
Commits on Mar 2, 2005
  1. unbreak debugger even more

    nikodemus committed Mar 2, 2005
               * use *DEBUG-IO* more consistently.
  2. unbreak debugger

    nikodemus committed Mar 2, 2005
               * don't use PREPROCESS-FOR-EVAL for EVAL in the debugger since
                  the documentation was just updated to that effect, and it
                  takes two arguments anyways. Restoring this as part of the
                  debugger command loop might be nice, but potentially confusing.
Commits on Mar 1, 2005

    csrhodes committed Mar 1, 2005
    	Fix the compiler note emission from COUNT and EQUAL on bit-vectors.
    	(reported by Lutz Euler sbcl-devel 2005-02-16)
    	... rewrite (1- (ash 1 <integer 1 n-word-bits>)) as
    		(ash #xff...ff (- n-word-bits <integer 1 n-word-bits>))
  2. fun-name fun, debugger debugged

    nikodemus committed Mar 1, 2005
               * fix bug 32: print closures as #<CLOSURE name-goes-here>.
               * fix bug 33: better inspection of closures
               * remove bug 60: LIST-LOCATIONS has been deleted at some
                  point in history, no point in keeping a bug about it.
               * move to using structured function names: (XEP FOO), etc
                  instead of "XEP for FOO". Ditto for component names.
               * unless SB-DEBUG:*SHOW-ENTRY-POINT-DETAILS* is true
                  display various entry points in backtraces as if they were
                  "normal functions", and adjust the argument list accordingly.
               * fix for debugger I/O style issues: use *DEBUG-IO*, not
               * use INTERACTIVE-EVAL in the debugger instead of reimplementing
               * update debugger documentation.
  3. 0.8.20:

    William Harold Newman committed Mar 1, 2005
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_20
Commits on Feb 23, 2005

    csrhodes committed Feb 23, 2005
    	Whoops.  NEWS asserts that LOAD copes with :external-format
    	arguments.  Better make sure that the compiler is aware of that

    Alexey Dejneka committed Feb 23, 2005
            * Fix MISC.535: CONSTANT-LVAR-P looks through CASTs.
            * Workaround lack of recursion recognition in XC for