Commits on Dec 28, 2003
  1. release, tagged as sbcl_0_8_7

    William Harold Newman committed Dec 28, 2003
Commits on Dec 20, 2003

    	Nikodemus Siivola patchery
    	... fix FIXME for obscurity of *fixup* structure
    	... fix compile with FSHOW defined
    csrhodes committed Dec 20, 2003

              STANDARD-GENERIC-FUNCTION as suggested by Brian Mastenbrook
              and CSR.
    Alexey Dejneka committed Dec 20, 2003
Commits on Dec 18, 2003

    	merged patch from Marco Baringer (sbcl-devel 2003-12-02) to
    		allow (TRACE "MY-PACKAGE-NAME")
    	collapsed IF clause at the end of EXPAND-TRACE, since SBCL now
    		always has a compiler and shouldn't need to worry about
    		supporting interpreter-only environments
    William Harold Newman committed Dec 18, 2003
Commits on Dec 16, 2003

    	Quiet.  Too quiet.  Fix bug in pprinting backquotes, introduced
    	*sigh* when fixing the last bug...
    	... we need to print once to a string stream, to look at the
    		first character to make sure that it's not a @ or a .
    	... and then we need to print again, but this time to the real
    		stream (which is at a different logical block position)
    	... yes, possibly there is a better way.
    	Also put identity where mouth is: add self to SUPPORT
    csrhodes committed Dec 16, 2003
Commits on Dec 13, 2003

    	The long-threatened removal of the 'parent' thread.  Now SBCL
    	only uses one thread until you start the second one
    	Also removed countdown_to_gc: it's redundant now we have
    	a thread->state slot
    telent committed Dec 13, 2003

    	Remove unnecessary #inclues from gencgc.c
    	Update NEWS file and manual for futex and new fg/bg manipulation
    telent committed Dec 13, 2003
Commits on Dec 12, 2003

    	...fiddling with TRACE docs in anticipation of actually
    		making it do PROFILEing as intended
    	...small doc/ fixes
    	...(re-?)deleted FOP-CHARACTER since it's still speculative
    		generality (will presumably be added back when Unicode
    		comes, but isn't helpful now, and would be only
    		infinitesimally helpful then, since it's untested now
    		and so easy to add then)
    	...MORE LOC: broke some long lines
    	...stdlog seemed to be unused.
    William Harold Newman committed Dec 12, 2003
Commits on Dec 11, 2003

    	At the request of the type system's most heavy user...
    	... refactor NEGATION-TYPEs
    	... make NEGATE an operation in TYPE-CLASS
    	... define type methods for :NEGATE, replacing one god-awful
    		NOT type translator
    	... define a (cached) TYPE-NEGATION function
    	... replace too many uses of
    		(specifier-type `(not ,(type-specifier foo)))
    		with (type-negation foo)
    	We pass as many tests as we used to (both here and in PFD's suite)
    	and we now go faster than we did before 0.8.6 on PFD's random
    	tester.  Sounds good to me.
    	(This was initially part I of a two part refactor.  This stage
    	turns out to be enough for now; if it hadn't been, it should be
    	possible to achieve even greater speed by changing the representation
    	of CONS types to include not just CAR and CDR types but also
    	their negations; then operations on CONS types such as UNION and NEGATE
    	would be much much faster, at a slight cost in initialization).
    csrhodes committed Dec 11, 2003
Commits on Dec 9, 2003

    	Am I the only one who screws up in amusing ways?
    	... define a fake %READER-ERROR on the host, so that planting
    		commas in code which doesn't want them gives you an
    		error message that's applicable, not an undefined function
    csrhodes committed Dec 9, 2003
Commits on Dec 8, 2003

    	* doc/html_chunk.xsl: Apply patch from Miles Egan to use TT markup
    	on Docbook TYPE tag.
    kevinrosenberg committed Dec 8, 2003

    	Fix for (pprint '`(lambda ,x)) bug
    	... PPRINT-LAMBDA-LIST needs to be aware of our backquote
    csrhodes committed Dec 8, 2003
Commits on Dec 6, 2003

    	Grovel errnos rather than (wrongly, for *BSD) hardcoding them.
    csrhodes committed Dec 6, 2003
Commits on Dec 5, 2003

            * Fix bug reported by PFD on sbcl-devel 2003-12-04
            ... VALUES transform: preserve (single-valuified) derived
            ... LET-CONVERT: flush combination derived type.
    Alexey Dejneka committed Dec 5, 2003

            * Fix bug reported by PFD on sbcl-devel 2003-12-04
            ... VALUES transform: preserve (single-valuified) derived
            ... LET-CONVERT: flush combination derived type.
    Alexey Dejneka committed Dec 5, 2003

    	further (VECTOR NIL) depessimization
    	... optimize the usual case in STRING-SOUT
    csrhodes committed Dec 5, 2003

    	Fix for WTF bug on #lisp IRC
    	... adjust the EXPT derive-type logic to be more correct.
    	Text adjustments
    	... refer to base-target-features.lisp-expr in INSTALL
    	... add our newline back after the first line of the banner (I
    		hope without breaking gcc3.3 in the process...)
    csrhodes committed Dec 5, 2003

    	* doc/DOCDOC: Add upstream URL for tools
    	* doc/Makefile: Add support for Fedora Core 1
    	* doc/catalogs/: Move catalog files to this subdirectory
    kevinrosenberg committed Dec 5, 2003
Commits on Dec 4, 2003

    	* doc/Makefile: Add OS detection of redhat9
    	* doc/catalog-redhat9.xml: Unfortunately, RedHat adds local
    	version numbers to their DTD pathnames, so every version of RedHat
    	will likely need different catalogs.
    kevinrosenberg committed Dec 4, 2003
Commits on Dec 3, 2003

    	* doc/DOCDOC: Provide more complete documentation on documentation
    	generation prerequisits.
    kevinrosenberg committed Dec 3, 2003
Commits on Dec 2, 2003

    	* doc/*: Revert to Docbook 4.1 DOCTYPE for compatibility with
    	older systems such as Debian Woody. Add catalog for Darwin's
    	fink and for partially for Redhat.
     	Need to add OS detection for fink in Makefile and stylesheet
    	location for RedHat in catalog-redhat.xml
    kevinrosenberg committed Dec 2, 2003
Commits on Dec 1, 2003

    	add a missing \ to the SBCL banner, to de-confuse GCCs that don't
    	allow multi-line strings.
    antifuchs committed Dec 1, 2003

    	LESS TEXT: quieter startup banner and debug prompt mostly
    		as suggested by Nikodemus Siivola and Dan Barlow
    		on sbcl-devel
    	really updating FASL-FILE-VERSION (as attempted in my last
    		checkin) this time for sure
    William Harold Newman committed Dec 1, 2003

    	LESS TEXT: quieter startup banner and debug prompt mostly
    		as suggested by Nikodemus Siivola and Dan Barlow
    		on sbcl-devel
    	really updating FASL-FILE-VERSION (as attempted in my last
    		checkin) this time for sure
    William Harold Newman committed Dec 1, 2003
Commits on Nov 30, 2003

    	bumped fasl file version so I don't forget at release time
    William Harold Newman committed Nov 30, 2003

    	Merge simple-streams patch (David Licteblau sbcl-devel 2003-11-09)
    	... including frobs to core code to unspecial-case Gray streams
    csrhodes committed Nov 30, 2003

    	Fix for CONS.SUBTYPEP.xx from PFD's test suite
    	... more work in the CONS union method.
    	                      ALERT ALERT ALERT
    	this change reportedly makes PFD's random tester crawl, slowing it
    	by a factor of 15 on input terms (type specifiers) of size 50.
    	Options include
    	  * ignoring this;
    	  * having a cutoff in time or complexity beyond which we return
    	    NIL, NIL;
    	  * optimizing (NOT <cons>) some more;
    	  * ...
    	but at least it's slightly more correct now.
    csrhodes committed Nov 30, 2003

    	ASDF-INSTALL fix (parse *proxy* properly, as per Sean Ross sbcl-devel
    	... start parse-integer at the right place
    	SHOW patchery from Nikodemus Siivola (sbcl-devel 2003-11-28)
    csrhodes committed Nov 30, 2003

    	Fix for bogus type warning (Rudi sbcl-devel 2003-09-21)
    	... I don't really know what I'm doing here.  Presumably
    		SLOTS could never be NIL at this point?  Bah.
    csrhodes committed Nov 30, 2003
Commits on Nov 29, 2003

    	Tidy up a bit
    	GET-FOREGROUND now prints 'Resuming thread n' messages on
    	thread swith, to make it slightly harder to get lost
    	THREAD-REPL-PROMPT-FUN goes away: it was a kludge anyway and
    	most of what it did is done in the standard prompt function
    	gc_thread_pid no more.  Don't need sys/ptrace.h.  Delete call
    	to mach_init() which doesn't exist anyway.  Ignore
    	uninteresting signals in parent thread, and lose
    telent committed Nov 29, 2003

            Yay PFD real tests!
            ... REHASH-THRESHOLD may be specified to be of type (REAL 0 1)
                    [ aside: (REAL (0) 1) would be much preferred for
                    aesthetic reasons ] but we'd better not divide by it
                    unconditionally, because otherwise confusion ensues
            ... define a constant below which we shall not go
    csrhodes committed Nov 29, 2003

    	Ouch.  That was hard work.
    	... contrib fix primarily for SunOS but also I think for Darwin;
    		at least, if it was working it was only by accident.
    	... uname -m never returns either "solaris" or "darwin", so that
    		code was wrong to start with;
    	... change the protocol so that we do EXTRA_CFLAGS rather than
    		a complete override; now we don't need the solaris or
    		darwin clauses in that weren't being used
    	... delete more stuff in so that we can
    		actually see the effect of these changes rather than
    		blindly reusing an old (which explains why I
    		hadn't noticed this before, *sigh*; I ran a completely
    		clean build on Solaris for the first time in months
    	... now sb-bsd-sockets and dependents work again.  I hope I haven't
    		broken x86-64 in the process.
    csrhodes committed Nov 29, 2003

    	Merge fix for bidirectional (that is IO, not anything Unicodely)
    	streams (Adam Warner/Gerd Moellmann sbcl-devel/cmucl-imp 2003-11-xx)
    	... added a test for it; be careful with that standard io syntax :)
    csrhodes committed Nov 29, 2003

    	* contrib/sb-aclrepl/repl.lisp: Support recent sb-thread changes.
    	repl.lisp now compiles, but I have not tested sb-aclrepl with
    	multiple listeners.
    kevinrosenberg committed Nov 29, 2003