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Commits on Apr 30, 2003
  1. 0.8alpha.0:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_8alpha_0
Commits on Apr 29, 2003
  1. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Sneaking in despite the freeze: fix the long form of
    	DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION, which is allowed a documentation
  2. @telent


    telent authored
    	Fix WITH-MUTEX bug: don't release the mutex if we didn't
    	manage to acquire it in the first place
Commits on Apr 28, 2003
  1. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	:ALLOW-OTHER-KEYS NIL is perfectly valid in an initarg list, so
    	don't flame out when it's present (detected by Paul Dietz'
    	suite: test CLASS-07.10)
  2. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Fix for :DEFAULT-INITARGS with side-effects (detected by Paul
    	Dietz' tests, fix from Gerd Moellmann)
    	... ctor needed to be smarter about the separation between
    		locations and initarg equality
    	Also really add the hyperobject tests (logically part of
  3. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Fix for SLOT-VALUE inside (SETF SLOT-VALUE-USING-CLASS), from
    	Gerd Moellmann (test case a simplified version of KMR's
    	... don't pass a NIL wrapper to the relevant PCL functions
    	... one or two code cleanups and comments
  4. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	CHAR, SCHAR and SVREF act on vectors, not multidimensional
    	... so make the source-transform aware of that, for early error
    		reporting (observation from Gerd Moellmann)
Commits on Apr 27, 2003
  1. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
          * src/pcl/slots.lisp: change return value of slot-makunbound-using-class
          to OBJECT rather than NIL to conform to AMOP
  2. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
          - toplevel.lisp: implements toplevel of recursive repl.
  3. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
          - src/code/toplevel.lisp: Remove changes to REPL and rename
            REPL to REPL-FUN and add hook.
          - sb-aclrepl/tests.lisp: Add display tests.
          - sb-aclrepl/toplevel.lisp: New file. Toplevel REPL with support
            for catching signals
          - sb-aclrepl/README: state that sb-aclrepl must be loaded in
  4. 0.pre8.111:

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * fast version of CONSTANT-FOLD-CALL flushes dead combination.
Commits on Apr 26, 2003
  1. @telent


    telent authored
    	Syntax error in sparc/linux C runtime
  2. @telent


    telent authored
    	#+sb-threads check for Linux 2.4, because it won't work in 2.2
    	In the process, rename early_kernel to linux_sparc_siginfo_bug,
    	just to make its purpose a little more obvious
    	Export WITH-TIMEOUT and TIMEOUT from SB-EXT.  TIMEOUT is now a
  3. 0.pre8.108:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	Check *FEATURES* compatibility in fasl load.
  4. 0.pre8.107:

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * Factored out code shared between MAP and MAP-INTO
            * use one iteration variable for all arrays in the MAP-INTO
  5. 0.pre8.106:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	doc tweaking
    	refactoring in preparation for checking *FEATURES* compatibility
    		in fasl load
Commits on Apr 25, 2003
  1. @telent


    telent authored
    	Add #include <errno.h>, for +sb-threads builds on some Linux
    	distros in which the existing include files don't seem to have
    	dragged it in already
    	Change the PSEUDO_ATOMIC_ATOMIC assert in alloc to print more
    	detail.  If you run into this bug, sbcl-devel wants to know.
  2. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
        * src/code/toplevel.lisp: Add special variables to convert SB-IMPL::REPL
          into a recursively invokable funcion
        * src/code/debug.lisp: Add hook for SB-DEBUG::DEBUG-LOOP
        * contrib/sb-aclrepl/tests.lisp: add tests for bignum inspection
        * contrib/sb-aclrepl/repl.lisp: convert to use new SB-IMPL::REPL function,
          add some debugger commands
        * contrib/sb-aclrepl/debug.lisp: use SB-DEBUG::*DEBUG-LOOP-FUN* hook.
          however, hook is not yet enabled by default  while debugger function
          continues development.
  3. 0.pre8.103:

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * Added open coding of MAP-INTO for a vector destination
              (reported by Brian Downing on c.l.l)
  4. 0.pre8.102:

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            Compiler issues a full WARNING on calling of an undefined
            function with a name from the CL package.
  5. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
        * sb-aclrepl changes
           - Update README with examples and contact information
           - Strip out break-stack concept from repl.lisp
           - Fix bug in trimming *history* when *max-history* is reached
           - Add display of single-float, double-float, bignum hexidecimal contents
           - Fix reporting of object addresses (mask lowtag bits)
           - Add ":i slot <id>" command
           - Some non-active experimental code is in toplevel.lisp and debug.lisp,
             but this is #+ignore'd while in development.
Commits on Apr 24, 2003
  1. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	As suggested by Fufie (Stig Sandoe) on #lisp IRC, emit a
    	STYLE-WARNING for slots with names that are STRING= but not EQ.
    	... test that we can nonetheless still make them, given the
    		insecurity I feel about my format string wizardry.
  2. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	One more -0.0/0.0 fix:
    	... numeric type ranges should be compared with EQUALP, not
    		EQUAL, to make (FLOAT 0.0) be the same as (FLOAT -0.0)
Commits on Apr 23, 2003
  1. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Fix for MEMBER type (as per cmucl-imp 2003-04-23)
    	... (MEMBER 0.0) is not the same as (SINGLE-FLOAT 0.0 0.0);
    	... (MEMBER 0.0 -0.0) is the same as (SINGLE-FLOAT 0.0 0.0)
    	... (NOT (MEMBER 0.0)) needs to be
    		    (SINGLE-FLOAT * (0.0))
    		    (MEMBER -0.0)
    		    (SINGLE-FLOAT (0.0)));
    	... add some tests for this one.
    	In the process of this fix, make -0.0 and -0.0d0 dumpable by the
    	... more special cases in src/code/cross-float.lisp.
    	And also let an :SB-SHOW build proceed to the end
    	... don't try to print the slots of PCL objects.
  2. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
          * contrib/sb-rt/Makefile: fixed to install sb-rt as an ASDF system
          * contrib/sb-rt/rt.lisp: renamed from sb-rt.lisp
          * contrib/sb-aclrepl/sb-aclrepl.asd: Reworked to create a separate
            sb-aclrepl-tests ASDF system
  3. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Make ROOM work on cheneygc systems more than half of the time
    	... ensure that we map over allocated objects from the start
    		of the current dynamic (semi-)space, not from the start
    		of the whole dynamic space region.
  4. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
           - Rework sb-aclrepl.asd file to for sb-rt package
           - Rename aclrepl-tests.lisp to tests.lisp
Commits on Apr 22, 2003
  1. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
           - Add missing Makefile so that sb-rt installs
  2. 0.pre8.93:

    William Harold Newman authored
    	Antonio Martinez pointed out that an EQUAL test is needed for
    		generalized function name lookup.
    	(FORMAT NIL "~S ~S" '1W '1WW) => "|1W| 1WW" seems to be
    		correct after all.
  3. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Add SB-RT (a regression tester framework) as a contrib
    	... not with a great fanfare, though, as philosophically it's for
    		contrib use, not general public use;
    	... make sb-aclrepl and sb-bsd-sockets use sb-rt, not their own
    		local copies of rt.
  4. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Fix for ctor MAKE-INSTANCE optimization
    	... don't overzealously assert that a given location is unset;
    		users can supply duplicate initargs.
  5. @csrhodes


    csrhodes authored
    	Make COPY-SYMBOL work on threaded builds
    	... FAST-SYMBOL-VALUE need not be fast, but must not signal an error
    		on unbound-symbol
    	... add a smoke test
  6. 0.pre8.89:

    Alexey Dejneka authored
            * CAST branch seems to take too long time to complete, so:
            ** fixed ENDP.* tests from Paul Dietz' test suit by disabling
              "constant folding" and flushing of IF;
            * fixed type declaration for ENDP as recommended by CSR;
            * ... and ENDP is FLUSHABLE.
  7. @kevinrosenberg


    kevinrosenberg authored
          - contrib/sb-aclrepl/rt.lisp: Add pfdietz's eq test to equalp-with-case
          - contrib/sb-aclrepl/aclrepl-tests.lisp: Take advantage of new
            equalp-with-case patch
Commits on Apr 21, 2003
  1. @telent


    telent authored
    	Bug 247 was fixed in 0.pre8.71: update tests and BUGS file to
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