Commits on Aug 26, 2005
  1. 0.9.4:

    William Harold Newman committed Aug 26, 2005
    	release, tagged as sbcl_0_9_4

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 26, 2005
    	SB-ROTATE-BYTE fix + tests for non-constant shifts on the x86.
Commits on Aug 25, 2005

    Brian Mastenbrook committed Aug 25, 2005
    	Note my own NEWS :-)
Commits on Aug 24, 2005

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 24, 2005
    	Note NEWS-worthy fixes by Thiemo Seufer.

    csrhodes committed Aug 24, 2005
    	Restore buildability on cmucl
    	... make the FTYPE declaimed for %DEFKNOWN compatible with
    		the definition
Commits on Aug 22, 2005

    Gabor Melis committed Aug 22, 2005
      * set *CURRENT-THREAD* to NIL on thread exit else it cannot be garbage
Commits on Aug 21, 2005

    jsnell committed Aug 21, 2005
            Sneak in some INSTALL changes during the freeze ("Sssh! Don't
            tell anyone.")
            * Remove the misleading (DISABLE :SB-DOC) example for
            * Add the -R parameter to the suggested memory randomization
              workaround (required as of Fedora Core 4)
            * Document x86-64/Linux and x86/Solaris as supported platforms
            * Add "-noinit" to the suggested command line for building
              with CMUCL as host

    jsnell committed Aug 21, 2005
    	Oops, a pure.lisp test was doing (quit :unix-status 104) on success.
Commits on Aug 20, 2005
  1. enable linkage tables on Solaris/x86

    Brian Mastenbrook committed Aug 20, 2005

    csrhodes committed Aug 20, 2005
    	Alpha build fixes
    	... unused :node-var node (noted by PVE, introduced
    	... s/foreign-symbol-address/foreign-symbol-sap/ (introduced
    	... rearrange the thread object so that structure packing
    		doesn't confuse the system (introduced

    Brian Mastenbrook committed Aug 20, 2005
        restore buildability on at least Darwin and FreeBSD
         -- thanks to NIIMI Satoshi
Commits on Aug 19, 2005

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 19, 2005
    	THS patch-mania (from sbcl-devel, title and date as noted):
    	* "Fix race condition for initial thread startup", 16 August 2005;
    	* "Make internal startup functions in thread.c static",
    	  16 August 2005;
    	* "Minor MIPS code improvements", 16 August 2005;
    	* "MIPS C runtime fixes", 19 August 2005
    	* "Support stack-allocated closures on MIPS", 19 August 2005;
    	* "Assorted minor (non-)changes", 19 August 2005.

    csrhodes committed Aug 19, 2005
    	Fix a bug introduced in (reported by James Y Knight
    	sbcl-devel 2005-08-19)
    	... when a bound is more extreme than
    		most-frobtive-fooble-float, make an open bound;
    	... when both thingies are of the same type of float,
    		safely-binop can proceed regardless (as float-traps
    		are masked).
    	... James Y Knight's test case.

    Gabor Melis committed Aug 19, 2005
      * added chapter "Signal handling" to internals manual
      * added the beginnings of a threading chapter, too

    Gabor Melis committed Aug 19, 2005
      * handle failed rt signal generation due to full kernel queue, this
        makes INTERRUPT-THREAD and gc_{stop,start}_the_world less deadlock
      * reduced lock contention related to INTERRUPT-THREAD with a
        beneficial effect on mass extinction of threads by TERMINATE-SESSION:
        in extreme cases it could have taken minutes to shut down a hundred
      * reduce delay in thread tests to make it run faster and perhaps more
        likely to trigger problems
      * stable on my machine when compiled with gcc4

    Gabor Melis committed Aug 19, 2005
      * compile runtime without warnings on gcc4 (except for one recently
        acquired warning related to MAGIC_HASH_VECTOR_VALUE in gencgc.c)

    Gabor Melis committed Aug 19, 2005
      * scavenge thread->interrupt_fun (one less memory fault in
        INTERRUPT-THREAD again, heh)

    csrhodes committed Aug 19, 2005
    	Merge Solaris/x86 support, mostly as in sbcl-devel 2005-06-07
    	... one or two minor fixups
    	... log the major problems remaining in BUGS
Commits on Aug 18, 2005

    jsnell committed Aug 18, 2005
    	Fix x86-64 MOVE-ARG-DOUBLE-FLOAT VOP for non-rsp fps (code
            inherited from x86 assumed doubles use two words of stack space,
            which is no longer true for x86-64).

    csrhodes committed Aug 18, 2005
    	Restore alpha/static-fn.lisp, apparently deleted in a dewhitespace
    	... also canonize whitespace again.
Commits on Aug 16, 2005

    jsnell committed Aug 16, 2005
    	* Bump +FASL-FILE-VERSION+.
    	* Add a couple of useful restarts for ENSURE-DIRECTORIES-EXIST.
              (patch from sbcl-devel "Proposed patch to ensure-directories-exist"
              2005-06-06 by Alan Shields)
            * Fix empty hash slot marker on 64-bit systems.
              (patch from sbcl-devel "Bug in hash tables on 64-bit systems and fix"
              2005-08-11 by Lutz Euler)
            * Clear the signal mask in the child process after run-program
              has forked. (patch from sbcl-devel "Blocked signals and run-program"
              2005-08-14 by Benedikt Schmidt).

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 16, 2005
    	Merge THS's "more MIPS arithmetic VOPs", sbcl-devel 16 August 2005.

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 16, 2005
    	Typo fixes:
    	* Merge THS's "Typo in VOP note", sbcl-devel 16 August 2005;
    	* Really merge Luis Oliveira's spelling/grammar fix.

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2005
    	Fix CALL-NEXT-METHOD.[12] (PFD ansi-tests)
    	... partly from fix for CMUCL by Gerd Moellmann (sometime in
    		2003 I think)
    	... use macroexpansion environment rather than extra compiler
    		support to determine whether to elide the check.

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2005
    	Comment fixes from THS (sbcl-devel 2005-08-16).

    csrhodes committed Aug 16, 2005
    	Fix LET-CONVER[ST]ION confusion.
    	... also adjust ctor commentary to reflect disappearance of
Commits on Aug 15, 2005

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 15, 2005
            Minor cleanups:
            * INSTALL spelling fix by Luis Oliveira;
            * dependent policy LET-CONVERTION => LET-CONVERSION;
            * Note optimization opportunity in OPTIMIZATIONS.

    csrhodes committed Aug 15, 2005
    	Fix a "bug" (difficult to tell if it's really a bug, but if it
    	isn't we shouldn't be emitting a CONSTANT-MODIFIED warning on
    	it) in the ctor MAKE-INSTANCE optimization.
    	... we can't do `(setf (cdr ',place) ...) any more, so instead
    		wrap another function around it and close over the
    	... test case (related to CLASS-13.1 from PFD ansi-tests).

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 15, 2005
            Reduce core file size by 600k+:
            * Disable FORMAT-with-constant-format-string transform in the
              cross compiler--eliminates many large LAMBDAs from the core;
            * Remove call to PURIFY at the beginning of warm init so that
              cold-init-only stuff doesn't get moved to read-only space
              before it is uninterned and (not) garbage collected.
Commits on Aug 13, 2005

    csrhodes committed Aug 13, 2005
    	Merge a first cut at detecting modification of constants
    	at compile-time
    	... new fndb information: :destroyed-constant-args
    	... convert into an :error combination if we detect
    		modification (to prevent multiple warnings)
    	... (I have not fixed the 16 or so warnings from our own
    		test suite...)
Commits on Aug 12, 2005

    Gabor Melis committed Aug 12, 2005
      * put back WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS into INTERRUPT-THREAD and kill some
        really rare memory faults

    Nathan Froyd committed Aug 12, 2005
    	Commit Tyler Berry's patch to use syscall(2) instead of _syscall
    	  on x86 linux (sbcl-devel 11 August 2005).

    jsnell committed Aug 12, 2005
    	Don't set the MAP_FIXED flag for mmap on Linux. This allows us
            to give a reasonable error message when the areas we're trying
            to map are already reserved, instead of crashing due to
            overwriting them. (As suggested by James Knight on sbcl-devel,
  4. "oops" again. I think I'm handing back my commit bit.

    Brian Mastenbrook committed Aug 12, 2005
  5. ;;; This is the master value for LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION. It's

    jsnell committed Aug 12, 2005
    ;;; separated into its own file here so that it's easy for
    ;;; text-munging make-ish or cvs-ish scripts to find and tweak it. For
    ;;; the convenience of such scripts, only a simple subset of Lisp
    ;;; reader syntax should be used here: semicolon-delimited comments,
    ;;; possible blank lines or other whitespace, and a single
    ;;; double-quoted string value alone on its own line.
    ;;; appropriate and relevant result can be produced", but as long as
    ;;; we control the build, we can always assign an appropriate and
    ;;; relevant result, so this must be a string, not NIL.
    ;;; Conventionally a string like "0.6.6", with three numeric fields,
    ;;; is used for released versions, and a string like "0.6.5.xyzzy",
    ;;; with something arbitrary in the fourth field, is used for CVS
    ;;; checkins which aren't released. (And occasionally for internal
    ;;; versions, especially for internal versions off the main CVS
    ;;; branch, it gets hairier, e.g. "0.pre7.14.flaky4.13".)