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Commits on Oct 30, 2008
  1. 1.0.22: release, will be tagged sbcl_1_0_22.

    Richard M Kreuter committed Oct 30, 2008
  2. @nikodemus lisp-side %ASIN, %ACOS, %SINH, %TANH, and %HYPOT

    nikodemus committed Oct 30, 2008
     * For Win32 build robustness: on some toolchains asin &co were not
       getting linked to the runtime as we'd like to.
       Caveat: %HYPOT is stupid about under/overflows unlike hypot().
Commits on Oct 29, 2008

    Brian Mastenbrook committed Oct 29, 2008
      Use /**/ instead of ## to concatenate symbols on PPC/Darwin
Commits on Oct 28, 2008
  1. Fix a bug in one path through RUN-PROGRAM.

    Richard M Kreuter committed Oct 28, 2008
    * Ensure that the template buffer for sb_mkstemp is null-terminated.
Commits on Oct 27, 2008
  1. @nikodemus fix build / SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE on non-GENCGC platforms

    nikodemus committed Oct 27, 2008
     * Move back SAVE outside the WHEN in SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE. Thanks to
       Bruce O'Neel.
Commits on Oct 21, 2008
  1. fix build on x86/x86-64 lutex platforms

    Gabor Melis committed Oct 21, 2008
Commits on Oct 20, 2008
  1. hack around truncated backtraces with lost frames

    Gabor Melis committed Oct 20, 2008
    On :C-STACK-IS-THE-CONTROL-STACK platforms when calling an alien
    function stash the current frame pointer and return address away so
    that no matter how the alien stack frames are laid out the debugger
    can find its way back to lisp land.
Commits on Oct 18, 2008
  1. @nikodemus fix bad PROGV and RESTRICT-COMPILER-POLICY interaction

    nikodemus committed Oct 18, 2008
     * Reported by Matthias Andreas Benkard Matthias Andreas Benkard.
     * Patch by Juho Snellman.
  2. @nikodemus more files in .gitignore

    nikodemus committed Oct 18, 2008
     * Patch by Michael Weber.
  3. @nikodemus handle alien record type redefinitions (bug 431)

    nikodemus committed Oct 18, 2008
     * Make PARSE-ALIEN-RECORD-FIELD return the parsed values instead of
       frobbing the type object.
     * In PARSE-ALIEN-RECORD-TYPE use that to parse the new fields so that
       we can compare them to the old ones -- signal a continuable error
       if there is a mismatch.
  4. @nikodemus implement UNLOAD-SHARED-OBJECT

    nikodemus committed Oct 18, 2008
     * Mostly for CFFI.
     * Add a missing call to TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME to
  5. @nikodemus no more &OPTIONAL-DISPATCH debug names

    nikodemus committed Oct 18, 2008
     * IR1-CONVERT-HAIRY-LAMBDA used to give optional dispatch entry points
       `(&OPTIONAL-DISPATCH ,(OR <DEBUG-NAME> <SOURCE-NAME>)) as debug-name.
       Don't do that -- just use the provided DEBUG-NAME directly (it's
       NIL in the cases we most care about, leaving the functional with
       just a source-name). This fixes two issues:
       1. Functions with non-required arguments didn't get the derived
          type information saved in the infodb. FINALIZE-XEP-DEFINITION
          didn't set the INFO entries properly because
            (eq (leaf-source-name leaf) (functional-debug-name leaf))
          was false -- it's true only if there is no separate debug-name.
       2. Functions with non-required arguments printed as
          because non-NIL debug-name is preferred over the source-name.
     * Test-cases.
  6. @nikodemus bullet-proof (?) use of LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT in tests

    nikodemus committed Oct 18, 2008
     * Previously LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT looked for the shared object first
       in the current directory, and if it existed there, it passed the
       absolute pathname to dlopen().
       New version passes the native namestring of the designated pathname,
       absolute or relative -- which leads to dlopen() on some platforms not
       looking in the current directory unless "." is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
       So add TRUENAME calls to the test-suite when the .so lives there.
     * Mention the change of semantics in NEWS.
     * Delete trailing whitespace.
Commits on Oct 17, 2008
  1. @nikodemus LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT and logical pathnames

    nikodemus committed Oct 17, 2008
     * Unlike UNIX-NAMESTRING, NATIVE-NAMESTRING doesn't deal with logical
  2. @nikodemus saving runtime options in executables

    nikodemus committed Oct 17, 2008
     * SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE argument :SAVE-RUNTIME-OPTIONS causes the values
       of --dynamic-space-size and --control-stack-size used in the
       current invocation of SBCL to be saved in the executable core, which
       will then reuse them instead of doing normal runtime option processing.
     * Thanks to Zach Beane.
  3. @nikodemus fix external-format.impure.lisp

    nikodemus committed Oct 17, 2008
     * Misnamed variable.
  4. @nikodemus COMPILE-FILE and toplevel symbols

    nikodemus committed Oct 17, 2008
     * The fopcompiler elided unused symbol references completely: warn
       and dump the appropriate SYMBOL-VALUE form even if the value is
       unused is the variable is undefined.
     * This reveals a missing start of a block comment in
       src/pcl/dfun.lisp -- fix it. Did you realize that ||# reads as a
       symbol? I didn't. One strike against using the "emacs friendly"
       #||...||# instead of #|...|#.
     * Also fix on #-sb-unicode issue in the test-suite.
  5. @nikodemus manpage "improvements"

    nikodemus committed Oct 17, 2008
     * Describe what SBCL is in terms of its capabilities, not ancestry.
       (A little hype never hurts...)
     * Join the DESCRIPTION and LICENCING sections to save vertical space.
     * Simplify the language in RUNNING SBCL, and stick in a pointer to
       SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE with reference to standalone executables.
     * Move the COMMAND LINE SYNTAX section waaay up, so that one doesn't
       have to scroll several screenfulls to get to it.
     * Move the DIFFERENCES FROM CMU CL waaay down, and delete the list of
       deleted extensions.
     * Remove the FUD about CLOS efficiency from known bugs.
  6. @nikodemus package qualify LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT in SB-POSIX on Win32

    nikodemus committed Oct 17, 2008
     * Patch by Pedro Kroger.
     (Also bump version.lisp-expr by two...)
Commits on Oct 16, 2008
  1. Eagerly find a stream's external-format when a coding-erro…

    Richard M Kreuter committed Oct 16, 2008
    …r occurs.
    * Patch and test contributed by Zach Beane.
Commits on Oct 11, 2008
  1. @nikodemus delete unused argument introduced by .17

    nikodemus committed Oct 11, 2008
     * Leftover from early life of the patch, noticed by Kevin "Hawkeye"
  2. @nikodemus --script commandline argument

    nikodemus committed Oct 11, 2008
     * Works as both runtime and toplevel argument (which may imply the
       separation between the two is suspect?):
     * As a runtime argument it implies --noinform and the end of runtime
     * As a toplevel argument it implies --disable-debugger and the end of
       toplevel arguments. It additionally inhibits sysinit and userinit
       processing unless an explicit --userinit or --sysinit option is
       given before it.
       Then SBCL loads the specified specified file with :VERBOSE NIL and
       :PRINT NIL, discarding the first line if it start with #!.
       When the script file has been processed, SBCL exits without
       entering the REPL.
     * Documentation & a test.
     * Based loosely on an earlier patch by Kevin Reid.
  3. @nikodemus
Commits on Oct 9, 2008
  1. @nikodemus LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT :DONT-SAVE and related

    nikodemus committed Oct 9, 2008
     * Add &key :DONT-SAVE to control interaction with SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE.
     * Better documentation, including mention of LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
     * Refactor the OAOOM mess between win32-foreign-load.lisp and
       foreign-load.lisp: add unix-foreign-load.lisp, and move the shared
       code to foreign-load.lisp.
     * The "try another pathname" restart in TRY-RELOAD-SHARED-OBJECT
       changed the pathname but did not reload. Fix that.
  2. @nikodemus fix CHECK-FASL-HEADER buglet

    nikodemus committed Oct 9, 2008
     * Problems with signaling and reporting INVALID-FASL-HEADER: it's
       :BYTE-NR 0, not :FIRST-BYTE t these days, and expected and actual
       bytes wre reversed in error output.
  3. @nikodemus fix NATIVE-NAMESTRING on Windows

    nikodemus committed Oct 9, 2008
     * Support for pathnames with directory NIL was broken.
  4. build OS X 10.4-compatible binaries on OS X 10.5

    Brian Mastenbrook committed Oct 9, 2008
     * Set minimum compatibility version in compiler options.
     * Refactor existing 10.5 support so that when 10.4 support is
       deprecated and we're building on 10.6+, everything will continue to
Commits on Oct 7, 2008
  1. @nikodemus record bug 431

    nikodemus committed Oct 7, 2008
     * Random pick from my sbcl-devel backlog.
  2. @nikodemus DEFINE-COMPILER-MACRO and destructuring lambda-lists

    nikodemus committed Oct 7, 2008
     * Were broken -- fix by using the special FUNCALL related magic is
       only for the outermost list, not sublists. Reported by Willem
     * Adjust one of the existing tests to check for this.
     * Record bug 430: nested stack allocation does not work for structures.
Commits on Oct 6, 2008
  1. @nikodemus refactor toplevel option processing somewhat

    nikodemus committed Oct 6, 2008
     * --disable-debuger takes effect before init files are processed.
     * Don't resignal errors in annotated form: this loses restarts originally
       established with (RESTART-CASE (ERROR ...) ...).
     * Make the restarts we provide more explicit about the cause of the
       error, including the exact commandline option (or initialization
       file name and kind) in the restart text.
     * Mark (THROW NO-SUCH-TAG) in debug.impure.lisp as expected to fail
       on x86/Darwin -- though this patch is obviously unrelated,
       something jiggers things just enough for the backtrace to go
     * Based on patch by Ariel Badichi.
  2. @nikodemus SERVE-EVENT error handling

    nikodemus committed Oct 6, 2008
     * HANDLER-DESCRIPTORS-ERROR should not signal an error if there are
       no bad descriptors.
     * Check for EBADF and EINTR from select() explicitly, and inform the
       users of any other issues via SIMPLE-PERROR + CONTINUE restart. (We
       may be able to handle some others automatically as well, but let's
       figure out what occurs in the wild and why first.)
  3. @nikodemus fix argument quoting in

    nikodemus committed Oct 6, 2008
     * Now things like
          sh --eval '(load "foo.lisp")'
       should work correctly.
  4. @nikodemus muffle compiler notes from EVAL and function generator cons…

    nikodemus committed Oct 6, 2008
     * Just add (DECLARE (MUFFLE-CONDITIONS COMPILER-NOTE)) to the lambdas
       we cons up: in case of EVAL the notes are distractive and seem
       pointless, and in case of generators the user is definitely not
     * Adjust SB-CLTL2 tests slightly to account for possible pre-existing
       MUFFLE-CONDITIONS declarations, and fix usage of SPECIAL-BINDINGS.
Commits on Oct 5, 2008
  1. @nikodemus fix WITH-PACKAGE-ITERATOR error signaling

    nikodemus committed Oct 5, 2008
     * Patch by Tobias C. Rittweiler / Ariel Badichi.
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