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A simple calendar with weekly view built with Rails, HAML and RSPEC.

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A simple calendar with weekly view for planning company events.

The original event system was extracted from Fieldbase and the weekly view was rebuilt from the ground up. The monthly calendar is rendered using TableBuilder plugin, it does the job well. I couldn't find any weekly rails calendars online so I decided to build my own. 

This is my first HAML/SASS project and I really enjoyed using it - goodbye ERB :). There is also basic test coverage w/ RSPEC and it was deployed with Moonshine + Capistrano.

- add bootstrap for user model
- extract weekly calendar out of view to plugin (release open-source)
- add daily view with multiple users on a page (view teams daily schedule)
- add calendar_date_select to new/edit
- IE6 friendly *only tested on FF3*

Code is not yet under an open license yet but feel free to play around with it.

Requires Rails 2.2.2 + HAML gem

Developed by Dan McGrady,
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